Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Stache Party!

Last year on the very same day.... i was too too too busy... Yes, because i planned a surprise birthday party for my Hubby at our place...oh yay... Happy Birthday Hubby!

Now here's a tip for you all... If you have a small baby(mine was 11 n half months that time) pls ask help from people... don't consider yourself Superwoman..aah.!

Now, let's come back to the title already said the theme was 'Stache Party'. Theme was searched from our best friend Google.. and weeks before i started making paper Moustaches ,swirls, b'day banner at home for the decor... I even made photo props- T.V , Facebook wall & pink-purple staches for us ;). I bought some stick-on stache from market BUT no body wore it because birthday boy was not at all sporty.. :p.... nways..i leave you with the pictures say more than words...enjoy...

                                                                     Stache Cake


                                                         My Little handsome was amazed :)

                                                        Return gifts- stache on cupcakes :)

                                                                       Birthday boy!

                                                                     Television ;)

Facebook wall ;)

Oh yes.. There's another tip.... whatever day the birthday falls celebrate it on weekends... else the guests n hosts always run out of time... for next morning routine plans.....Uff..i guess too many tips for the day ;)
Hope you had fun reading this out... btw.. Did you planned any surprise party?? How was the outcome?? Do share your experience & views, would love to read...
Till next time..
Hv fn.. Tk cr :)


  1. Okay, the party decor is amazing, but my eyes are glued on that yummy cake. OMG! It looks so yum. <3 <3