Thursday, 3 October 2013

Print on Print !

The general question these days to me are.. What are you blogging about?? Are you getting paid?? How do you manage toddler, home and a blog??
My replies are I blog about everything that comes across to my mind.. infact i have become more thoughtful these days..!
No, i am not getting paid for writing anything... this is just like a diary to me which i used to write when i was kid.
I hardly get tried of it...because i love what i do.. I love my baby, home and myself(read here blog). Yes, if any day i feel i am not able to manage any one of these... i would stop loving myself(read here blogging) and i won't crib about that..(there are many other things to do..and i an Opportunist. ;))

Wearing here is a dress which was worn here also.. difference is i styled it again in a different way. I love the floral part & the graphic tee.... and took a kashmiri wristlet to go with it :)

So, here's a same question again... What do you do with a piece of cloth which you like but you don't feel like wearing it... U discard or you come up with interesting way of wearing it ?? Would love to know.. Do drop your comments.. I love reading them :)

Dress- And(2011)
Tee- Bangkok
Wristlet- kashmir, gift
Shoe- Inc. 5

Till next time..
Hv fn.. Tk cr :)


  1. Nice one Nisha..even I feel the same if m unable to blog for some time.


    1. Thanks Aditi.. It's always feel good to connect with like-minded people ! :)

  2. I like your dress !!

  3. i know ....i blog likt crazy sometime as if im getting paid but as u rightly said ....we do certain things for our satisfaction and to keep ourself going :)
    Nice outfit

    1. Definitely.. everything can't be measured with money. Satisfaction is important. Thank you :)

  4. Nice post. Totally agree with what you have written here.

    Would you like to follow each other?