Monday, 27 January 2014

7 ideas for your 7th Anniversary!

It's easy to share ideas but when one has to imply on their personal's little hard. Everyone have different situation, different style, different thoughts.... But, one thing is common....Everybody love their life, everybody want it to enjoy it, everybody loves celebrations, everybody loves gifts.
Just like everybody i am no different... I plan my birthday(yes i do it), hubby's birthday, anniversary & now our baby's birthday.. I love to show little extra affection on special days with planning surprises or decorating a small corner of the house(if not in large way).

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow. ~Author Unknown

My 7th Anniversary is around and this time i am little(read here totally) short of ideas....though i know i will enjoy it & somehow will make it special...!!

1- Renew your vows in a small, intimate way (the family have already seen it 7 yrs back) or better Recreate the proposal.
2- Do what both of you love. Take that one common thing & indulge in that.
3- Make travel Plans{easiest one;)}- to your dream destination, spa-destination, adventure-destination... or just relax at beach under those twinkling stars.
4- Plan a day outing- (what better way to stay together)- a not-too-far drive sunset & talk about "you & me-us" thing.!
5- Plan a stay-cation .....what better way to see your own city without the hassle of packing & travelling.
6- Gift each-other the bestest gift one can thing off (little indulges over special days...)
Last, but not the least-
7- If you have a baby (hopefully one if not two) think of some-one who can baby-sit them for few hours while you can spend sometime together in those fancy restuarants. Or, better rent a movie.. order your favorite food & get cosy under blanket! ;)

Use your imagination! Don't build expectations too high or you will focus on everything being perfect instead of just enjoying it. Create memories!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Healthy yet-not-so Healthy Bread Pakora!

I am being a lazy bums all these days(just lazy here....!!) Occupied with many stuff ...most important..the school... My toddler has joined play group... & its such a pleasure to drop n pick him all smiling. :)
Ok, more of it in another post.. ;)

As the name suggest you get confused...what is fuss is all about. Well, to tell you the truth the final outcome even surprised me. I was making a normal Tiranga bread pakora with just tomato sauce & coriander chutney but saw some stuff randomly and wanted to add it....discovering a new yummy breakfast or you can say a tea time snack.

3 slices of Bread
Thinly sliced veggies- Bell peppers + Cabbage + add little salt + black pepper pwd + chilli flakes + oregano
Grated carrots - 2 spoon
Coriander chutney
Tomato sauce

Grated carrot is for carrot pudding aka gajar ka halwa
Batter :-
Gram flour/ Besan -1 cup
Red chilli pwd
Saunf/Fennel seeds
Garam masala
Mix all with water & make batter... not too thick & not too liquidy

Take a slice of bread spread tomato sauce(i used maggi hot & sweet) spread grated carrot on it.
Put another slice on it.
Apply Coriander chutney. Spread the Mix veggie. Cover it with 3rd slice.
Now dip it into the besan batter & fry in hot oil.
Cut & serve

          Look at the amazing colors!

I know it's fried but you can add more veggies of your choice and enjoy!!
Till next time...
Hv fn.. Tk cr :)

Monday, 6 January 2014


I realized that my son is growing up...he is no more tiny-winy infant who can be curdled in your arms. He is growing up. I remember when he was tiny, I used sling to carry him, then stroller, he like a obedient infant would enjoy all the pleasures of going everywhere. He did sleep when we went for lunch or shopping, and when he woke i used to make him eat, once he was done... he enjoyed looking at everything with interest.
I always thought he's so well-behaved, good baby types who would enjoy life & when he would grow up in toddler i would have fun with him for the outings.

Ah! this is very far from the truth. Today taking my almost 25 month old toddler out of the house is a big task. He decides what he want to wear(that means half the wardrobe coming out). He don't want to wear diaper..(it takes atleast 2-3 rounds of the house to make him wear it). So, you know it's kinda shouting, pulling, pushing, yelling, running, grabbing, jumping... involved. I really get exhausted before i go out...though after all this i gather some energy from the positive side of my life and step out.
- He gets down own his own... jumping on every single step, sometimes even taking two steps together. Yes, I am scared!
-When we go to fancy restaurant, we feel guilty of going there... eyes hovering upon us because we are not that parents who enjoy their meal leaving baby to nanny(i respect everyone. everyone have their views.). He screams, he bangs table, he wants all the cutlery in reach with him, he ask for extra straw, we completes our meal where the floor & table also eat. So, we make it quickly n take exit soon(saying sorry for the mess & tipping a good amount)
-Half shopping time goes waste on his tantrums only. His little fingers will hold each dress for mommy ...n if this is not much he wants to go to the trial room too!
-Doesn't he feel cold, hundred times a day have to make him wear you imagine the situation with gloves n cap.

Ah! too much..isn't it? I know its a period which will over soon. He will start with his playschool soon...& i will be getting some time for myself... It's just a phase.! Everyday he says new words, he makes us laugh by making faces...(yes his already a expert in this).. We run ...we chase each other.. I know time will be flying soon.... so soon, so till that time ..storing up all the lovely memories to talk when we go back to fancy restaurant like a civilized person..he will shop more sensible....and then we can talk about the toddler time..the fun.. the craziness & the time when i could hold him in my arms.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Beetroot Shahi Tikki

Happy New Year!

There's always fight between your mind & heart.. It's hard to decide whose correct & who isn't.! I am rowing in same boat only. My Mind wanted "Fashion" post & my Heart said "Travel" or "Recipe" post as the first one for the year. As usual Heart took over mind  :D
Have taken recipe from Sanjeev Kapoor and given my touch to it.. Hope u enjoy it.!

Beetroot Shahi Tikki

Ingredients :-
1 Beetroot- Boiled, Grated & excess water squeezed.
2 Large size Potato- Boiled & Grated.
2 Amla(Goosebeery)- Grated
1 Onion- Chopped finely
Salt & Pepper to taste
Cornflour- 2 tbsp( make paste with 4 tbsp of water)

"Shahi"- portion
Paneer- 1/2 cup crumbled
Almonds & Cashew- 1/2 cup - Grind them into powder
Mix them.

Method :-
Saute onion in little oil till its translucent in color.
Add beetroot n salt saute for few minutes till all the moisture evaporates
Add potato... mix well. Add amla.
Season it with pepper & few drops of lemon juice.
Cool the mixture.
Flatten the cooled mixture on your wet/oiled palm.
Put little shahi mixture & wrap it properly.(scroll down to see the pictures)
Dip each piece into the cornflour & roll over sooji.
Now, a- U can preheat oven n roast it in them
           b- Fry them, or
           c- Roast them on tawa/griddle with minimum oil. I did this with olive oil.

Serve it with Coriander/dhaniya(-onion-garlic-ginger+lemon juice+salt+cumin) chutney.
It's nutritious, healthy n yummy too.

 Beetroot mixture

Shahi mixture

Enjoy it.!
Till next time.....
Hv fn.. Tk cr :)