Wednesday 2 September 2015

Do-it-yourself -- Little Minion

I always keep this boxes or the containers which can be re-used, but after sometime I throw them without utilising it. Sometimes my hubby laughs by stating: " how big or small the place you may live in.... You will always want a big, spacious junk area.."..& I totally agree with me. I have variety of re-useable  stuff with me...
After the Minion movie, it's a crazy hit among the kids & with us adults too. So, last week when I got this Pringles Chips box, I already had in mind, how to use it back. My little boy adored it, and saw his Dad proudly, how Mumma made this little minion for him :)

Things required:
Pringles box or empty toilet roll or round hollow shape
Yellow paper
Blue paper
Black paper
White paper
Red sketch pen
Black pen
A pair of small eyes

Take a clean box, cut yellow paper which can cover the whole box , cut & apply glue and paste sealing the edges well.
Take blue paper, it's the dress of minion. Cover it 50% by making shape of I( but the standing line like 2-3inches broad. Cut & paste. 
Take black paper, cut around 1/2 inch and paste in between blue dress & top.
Cut 2 small round from black for eyes and 2 more smaller in white. Cut & paste. Make eyes on white or paste readymade eyes.
Make smile from red sketch pen.
For hairs: take black paper, around 1" by 2" .  Cut small strips till 1and half inch and paste.
So, the little minion is ready to flaunt. Now store anything in it.... Brushes, pencils, pen or give it to your baby to store his little stuff. :)
Hope you all like it.