Saturday, 29 March 2014

Spices + Chocolate Cookies

The cooking bug have long bitten me.....1st time when I was in Class 2 ....I made Spring onion veggie(mom says)....& it continues.. I don't like to prepare the regular dal-rice-roti-sabji combo.... i feel sick if i don't give any twist & turns to it. I even enjoy the regular khana but only when I don't want to stay in kitchen for long(more on this later).

As i completed a year of blogging this month,same very date, i am quiet happy.... I am not pro in cooking, never wrote anything more than few line of essays, fashion i studied from heart,styling i do from mind, just bought my first slr 4 months photography in learning phase. With all these i admire all the beautiful comments, advises, love i got here.. I never planned what i am going to do when i started putting my words down... But, i am happy hows it's shaping now. Thank you all for reading ,commenting & appreciating it & special thanks to critics also(it means i have to work harder). Keep showering love!

As part of celebration i am trying some healthy chocolate cookies....but with twist.
Chocolate cookies get a slight makeover with the desi(Indian) spices. The aroma hit the nostrils & the flavor melt in the mouth with chocolate. What better if cookies are made of wheat flour.Have it with a glass full of chilled milk or a tub of vanilla ice-cream. :)

Wheat flour-1/2 cup or as required
Sugar- 2 tbsp
Cloves- 2-3(crushed/powdered)
Cardamon 2-3(crushed/powdered)
Nutmeg- a pinch
Butter -25gm (i used Amul)
A pich soda
1tsp of baking pwd
Cocoa pwd- 1 tbsp
Milk as required

Method :-
Mix butter & sugar.. add all the spices, soda & baking pwd. mix well... it will be light & fluffy..enjoy the aroma
Add wheat flour..mix well.. add milk .prepare the dough
Clean wrap the dough & in fridge for 20-30 min
Sprinkle cocoa & roll over the dough.
Make small balls. Put choco-chip as required & bake in greased tray for 10-15 min at 200 degree.

 Ready to go inside the oven...


 My toddler taking pic...just like mumma ;)

Enjoy the yuumy-ness of spices & chocolate all in one!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Cucumber-black grapes Popsicles

So, the lollies saga will continue in this post also :)
Will jump straight towards the recipe section, no more inspiration talk today. If you haven't read the last lollies saga, read it HERE, you will know whose provoking me to make all this ;)

Ingredients :-
Few thinly sliced cucumber
Few sliced black grapes
Mint Lemonade( Few crushed mint leaves + lemon juice+water)
Chat masala

Method :-
Arrange the cucumber & black grapes in the container properly.
Pour the Mint lemonade over it.
Cover the container & freeze it, if there's no lid, use cling film or aluminium foil. Let it set for few hours & then insert the stick.
Sprinkle generous amount of chat masala....  enjoy every bite or lick it up..... as per your choice ;)

Soft & Crunchy Popsicle

I had to bite before taking more piks ;)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Watermelon ice-lollies

Finally, summers are here and so are the juicy fruits.
Admit it when you read the word ice-lollies, you were instantly transported back to school, feeling nostalgic.....same here.! I remember, my mom made Rasna(instant drink mix) in all colors & weekend was the time when we had all colored & shaped ice-lollies with cousins. That was one great time...aah!
The history is repeating. But, now the Rasna will be replaced with fresh fruits & the cousins counting may go down by few numbers... yet the power of ice-lollies will stay in its place. ;)

My baby forced me to try this for him. While coming back from playschool everyday, he started demanding for ice-cream.... day or two is fine...but everyday... no MOM will allow.. so HOW can I.?
Now let me stop all the talking & share the quick recipe which won't take even 5 minutes..

Ingredients :-
Watermelon- roughly chopped(i even used the white part)
1/2 lemon juice or as per your taste
Rock/Black salt -2 pinch
Mint leaves- 10 leaves roughly torn out with hands
Chat Masala- optional

Method :-
Blend watermelon to juice. Sieve it twice.
Add rock salt, lemon juice & mint leaves
{*Just drink your watermelon lemonade :) }

Put in any container of your choice(i am using tupperware which has cover).
If you are using anything without cover, cover it with cling film or aluminium foil, put the stick in after its little set, so it can hold.
And let it set for few hours before you become a kid with your kiddo ;)
Just for more taste sprinkle little chat masala over it..

I have already checked my freezer several times in an hour...Impatient me! ;)
Till next time...
Hv fn..Tk cr :)

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Spongy Yummy Rosogulla

I don't know what's keeping me so busy these days... but, it's definitely keeping me away from here where i share my thoughts, my style, my world.!

Sharing a Recipe of very famous Rosogulla(i like the bangali pronunciation). Bought up in Kolkata, this mishti have special space in my heart & my taste buds can never refuse it, you can found this in every nook & corner of the Kolkata streets.
This is not my innovated recipe. But it's a fool-proof recipe. I have never gone wrong with it. So, sharing it!

Milk -1 litre
Juice of 1 Lemon
1 cup Sugar
3 cup Water
Few saffron strands(optional)

Boil milk add lemon juice. The milk will get curdled, let the whey get seperated properly.
Strain the water.
Put in muslin cloth & drain all excess water. or, leave it for half an hour.
Take the smallest jar of mixie, put the cottage cheese add few strands saffron n churn.
1-2 minutes, it will form like a dough....soft dough. (Or knead it with hands ..this takes longer time)
Take that out, now make small balls out of it.(almost it gets double)
Put water & sugar in pressure cooker and boil till sugar gets dissolved in it.
Add few more strands of saffron.
Add the balls.
Put lid, give 1 whistle, low the flame & keep it for 8 minutes.
After 8 minutes off the flame & put the pressure cooker directly on the cold running water.
Open the lid the transfer it to bowl.
Put in the fridge for 3-4 hrs before eating the sponge balls soak all the sweetness.
Enjoy !!

Will try to click one by one step & update it .. :)

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunshine will always be there after shadow!

Sunshine will always be there after shadow. 

March.... I am all excited for this month...reasons..last year this very month i wrote my first post. Yes! It's been year..I never thought i would continue ..i didn't knew where to start with..what to write & what to do..but still i wanted to do something....i thought it as passing phase..which would over soon, but now it seems like never ending relation(though i can't promise about that). I am more than happy as it is growing..the love i am getting in form of comments & likes makes me double happy.
I have not planned anything yet ...about how am i going to celebrate it... (Ideas, suggestion are most welcomed).. but surely i am going to make it special.

As you all know i am going crazy these days in d-i-y' can see here & here Yes, designing for myself or you can say custom made... any word but single meaning...i love fabrics. I love to play with them(in sense of design).
They makes me go weak on my knees... but i love all makes me feel proud when somebody compliment & ask from where i got? I proudly says i have custom-made it & there instant reaction is, you should open up a boutique or a design house..& I am flattered!
Enjoy the pictures & do tell me know about the skirt. I was attracted to this fabric for its camouflage feel but the best part it stands out because of its color. Slight hi-low design on side.

Skirt- custom made
Top- Mango
Cape-custom made
Shoe- Charles & Keith

Till next time....
Hv fn.. tk cr :)