Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I have to admit i am not a BIG jewellery/accessory person, till i came across 

It changed i am regular on their part is i shop when my baby sleeps in daytime ;) because they offer 25% discount (if u buy 5 pieces) from 10am - 4pm (monday-friday). What more one need to ask..!!

I loved the way they display it.. its user friendly and everything is organised..
The quality of products is very nice....and they are pocket friendly...(it will not hole your pocket)
The product (i even liked the name and description about their product :D ) is portrayed by a u can even check how it will look like.. size, colour...n every other little detail is given.

Packaging is perfect and it comes bubble wrapped in a cardboard box.
The site is customer can choose from many option for payment
For orders more than Rs. 500 u get some free GIFT (the best part :P)  
(no no i am not paid for writing this, trust me its one good site with quality product n pocket friendly)

Below are the products which i shopped from :)
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                                          This is no more on their site :(  But u can still check on their store .

                                                                       Free Gifts ;)

Hope u enjoyed going through it....from where do u buy your jewellery/accessory... do tell me..would love to know it :)
Till next time..
Hv cr.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Little Fashionista !

Kid's fashion is growing day by day...Year's back when i was kid...i don't think my or your parents have gone to mall or purchased any high brands clothing...because there was no such concept like that.....nor do there was online shopping... Today, we are so brand conscious for our self that we didn't left any stone untouched for our babies also.. I am quite fascinated by online shopping...although whenever i go mall i definitely pick up something for my baby. :)

Online sites from which i shopped and found it good are :-

The brands which generally i pick because of there super comfortable material and designs are:-

Zara (i generally pick stuff when there's sale....super soft fabric n super styles)
United Colours of Benetton (smart lowers,plus points for winter wear)
Mom & Me
Giny N Jony
Lilliput (total value for money in sale)
Panda (I get it from reliance trends)

These are the places from where i generally shop...may even i missed 1-2 store or tell me from where do u get your kids shopping...would definitely like to know.....share it here..

Hope if u have not tried any of these brand try it..
Till next time
Hv cr 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Green Tea !!

Loving all thing Green !!

Yes....i mean green tea... i hate the hot green tea, but loved iced tea from Lipton (no, i am not being paid by them), its so refreshing with flavours of mint and lemon in it....i even loved the ginger one.....(need to check what all flavours they have) ... my must have for summers.

Second on my list is my Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea scent spray... Energizing. Refreshing. Uplifting. This is my second bottle n currently obsessed wit it. Perfect for summer.It smells just like tea, but it's a sweet, clean and very classy scent. The scent although subtle and delicate, really lingers.
It's perfect for warmer weather, but it's also really good for all year round. I wouldn't hesitate to wear it in the Fall or Winter at all, because it's just a beautiful, tea-based perfume.
Lastly, my newly purchased Green Tea shower gel from Marks and Spencer....i m in sooo live with it. It's enriched with extract of fig and added moisturiser for that soft n smooth skin... :)

Hope u enjoyed reading it....wud like to know what flavour u are enjoying now? or did u tried any new one?? wud like to hear from u..
Till next time...
Hv cr...

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Comfort with ootd !!

Let's talk about Comfortable Dressing.....its not about wearing ur loose pyjama and hubby's t-shirt n move it is in what we are can be a tube dress, indian attire, denim n a tee or even a can be anything...depending on ourself much we are into comfort zone... Wear what makes you comfortable..Blend High end shopping and street finds.. combine them...n result are voila !!

Now lets talk about what i wore on weekend ....went on shopping for saturday n it was just dine out on sunday. 
Did some polka dot on my nails...pearl white as base and coral on top :)

Check the piks out-

 Saturday :-
 Floral dress-made by local tailor (fabric from Kolkata)
 Necklace- long time back from Janpath
 Footwear- bangkok

Top(details with run stich in neon yellow n pink)- Next
Skirt- Marks n Spencer
Bangle-dont remember
Watch-Citizen's eco-drive

Hope you had fun going through it....share ur weekend look 
Till next time
Hv cr..:)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Cumin/Jeera Biscuits

Ok, so in between settling down in my new house, managing my baby n welcoming guests(read here neighbours…the ones I like and the ones who are little lousy neighbours n their kids) I had little time for experimenting/making something good in the kitchen(from the regular dal, roti, rice,sabji) or i wud order something ….outing n getting ready was different thing right now L
So today when I didn’t had any one to welcome n chit chat nor any electrician or plumber to work at my place….i thought of making cumin biscuits… just for myself (I wanted to eat something fresh, just out of oven J )

Cumin/Jeera Biscuits:-

1 cup wheat flour(its healthy)
2 tbsp plain flour
½ tsp baking pwd
2tbsp  pwd sugar
1tbsp sugar
Salt to taste( i used ½ tbsp)
75 gms of melted butter( I used amul butter)
1 tbsp of jeera/cumin
Milk as required (I even used some malai)


Shift both the flours wid baking pwd +pwd sugar + salt.
Add sugar n jeera
Pour butter n mix well with fingers.
Knead  dough with adding little malai/mlik.
Take small portion of it roll it out with rolling pin n cut any shapes wid shape cutter.
Grease baking tray .. arrange biscuits on it n bake it in a pre-heated oven for 10-12 minutes.
Allow it to cool.
Wow.....its ready to eat... njoy.. !!!

Hope u try it out n let me know how it was...
Till next time..
Hv cr.. 

Keep scrolling down for pictures :)

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Finally !

Ah finally, got all the unpacking done n yes got my internet connection shifted too..!(those who are following me on instagram wud knw i just shifted home)
I realized how we have become..we cannot leave widout these machines(atleast i cannot). If u actually notice u are surrounded by machines everywhere.... i knw its makes life nways won't go into detail..
I just wanted to blog.....I missed writing it sooo much..
Too many blogs on its way...

Till next time...
hv fn.. tk cr