Saturday, 26 October 2013

Getting decked up!

It's that time of year..when everything is getting decked up for the festive might be in-between shopping spree for yourself, gifting ideas, home decor n what not.. 
We like our house neat n clean & beautiful all year round...but who doesn't like that extra little effort in festive time..

Diwali,also known as the “festival of lights,” is one of the most important festivals of the year for Hindus,  and is celebrated with grandeur as families perform traditional activities together in their homes.During this festive time small clay lamps(i adore them in every shape and size) are filled with oil and lit to signify the triumph of good over evil, fireworks are burst to drive away evil spirits and decorative designs with colorful powder are made to welcome deities. It’s my absolute favorite time of the year, so vibrant and full of energy.!

So, here are some decor ideas that i would like to share:-

Flower + clay powder rangoli

Painted rangoli with poster color

Flower rangoli

pic source: google

pic source :google

pic source: google

Clay pot filled with rose petals

Apart from this there's lot many things you can do to make your home look inviting and warm... 
Silk/brocade cushion covers
LED lights in different shapes & colors
Hang lanterns(paper/cloth/glass) around
Lots of marigold flower/mango leaves has it's own charm
Hang Bandarwars at the entrance

Hope it's an interesting post & yes Do share your ideas too....
Till next time
Hv fn..Tk cr :)

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  1. Hi N, This is a really nice post with creative ideas for the most awaited festival indeed:-) Indeed we can follow each other's blog! I'm your newest follower now.