Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Howrah Bridge in Rome!

So you might be thinking.... what's the connection??
Howrah Bridge is in Kolkata, India while Rome is capital city of Italy.  How can Howrah Bridge be in Rome....Keep thinking... while i take you to virtual tour(photographs) of Rome... Yes..A day well spent in Rome!

1- Vatican city, St Peter's Church

 2- The Colossuem

                                                                        I love rain!

What a view....!

 3- Trevi fountain

 The Quirky chasma-print scarf is from fellow fashion blogger- Anupriya who is Owner & Designer of Howrah Bridge(now you see the connection). I loved this print..n wanted something for myself.. So, after little thought if i should get a jacket, tunic.. i opted for scarf... fun accessory. After discussion with Anupriya..i opted for Royal blue color & the rest was left to her. I loved the little detail (cute parrots) she hanged in my scarf ... It's perfect to add color to a plain tee/blouse/cardigan/sweater(as you can see). You can check more quirky prints and outstanding details on her FACEBOOK page.

Printed Pants-Westside
Sweater- Woodland
Scarf- Howrah Bridge
Boots- D&A
Watch- Citizen Eco-drive
Earrings- Thailand

P.s- Lot more travelling post coming up soon on the blog...Stay tuned!
Till next time...
Hv fn..Tk cr :)


  1. Hey Nisha!!! I LOVE how you've styled the scarf! Thanks for the shout-out!! :D

  2. What a lovely holiday post! The scarf looks wonderful:-) and all those picture of Rome are sooo dreamy!
    Enjoy your holiday and stay stylish!

  3. What a color look and equally colorful travel diary. <3

  4. Hi..Nice blog post. Howrah bridge is also known as 'Rabindra Setu' and remains one of oldest structure in Kolkata and also one of the prime tourist attraction in city.