Saturday, 27 April 2013

Simple Chase !

pic courtesy -google

There are many things we chase in life. Some chase money, some chase fame, some chase the perfect body, some even chase the all elusive happiness. There most certainly is one chase, however, that binds all humanity and that is the quest for the perfect “match”. The one person in the entire Universe who is responsible for our well being, whose world revolves around us, who is totally and wholly responsible for making us feel like we are not alone in this world.

 In every other chase, we run alone. But in this one, we have an entire team – parents, friends of parents, friends, parents of friends, uncles, aunts and neighbours, running alongside us, cheering for us right until we find that “soulmate” or until they perceive us to be way over the hill to find one.

You all might be thinking what i am talking about....yes i m talking about "MARRIAGE".Actually one of my cousin B-I-L got engaged today...and this was all happening with him from the last 4-5 yrs, n finally today he gets his "soulmate"

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

It's all about shoe !

         I know...I know..its been a week n i didn't share anything.....Trust me i was even missing it... but some outstation guests took my time away....but i had amazing time ....what we all did was talk n eat(read here: putting up some  weight ;) ).

         Last sunday went for kinda family dinner at newly opened(just 2 days before) Punjab Grill, Gurgoan. I have already visited the one in Saket Mall quite a many was confidence about the food,quality n service..n it again proved me right.. Had the deadliest combination of food, laughter and gossip.

        Let me ask u something....!
 So, how u feel when people compliment on your footwear?? Definitely.....nice !!
even i feel good... it's said....
"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world"- Marilyn Monroe.

 I got these beauties from Charles n Keith (Dubai) in 2010.....n have to say they never let me down.

It was a casual affair so i decided to wear polka dots top with denim + plain hoop earrings and my eye ring!

Polka dot - Van huesen
Ring         -

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Hv fun....Tk cr..

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Diamonds are a girl's Best Friend !

Yes u got it right..i went to a place were i was surrounded by diamonds(jewellery).

 Indian Gem and Jewellery Fair IGJF 2013 April 12th-15th.

On monday...which was last day for the ongoing jewellery exhibition at Pragati Maidan and i was proud that i went to see. I was little upset because kids were not  allowed, so after a long discussion with my hubby for babysitting him while i go and check the exhibition came to an  end when he finally agreed. I waited for around half an hour outside before he came to take the charge of entertainig my little tot.

Finally, i was inside the hall n one look n my eyes glazed. There were many stalls. Diamonds were on top list after kundan. Kolkata, Jaipur, Mumbai were the places the jeweller flew from to show their best pieces. All the leading brand were present from Hazoorilal to Geetanjali....P.P.Jewellers to Caratlane. 
Design wise, i saw tradional mixing modern ....fusion will b in top list. old traditional deigns like boriya(round maang tika), hasli(necklace),gold bracelets wid boriya on top. 
From small little diamond to large cents...all under one roof.

So next time wen i visit these kind of exhibiiton  i surely wud love to blackmail my hubby for something so that he can get a small little piece from there ;)

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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Super Saturday !

          I didn't knew today's day will take such a beautiful shape..wid the temperature rising i thought to wear neutral my nails were already bright n beautiful.

          What i WEAR-----I  am all ready with my new clothes that i bought from Janpath few days back...believe me the trouser (khakhi colours/beige)is very much comfortable..while taking it i thought it will be waste of money but risking Rs. 350 was not a big deal. I added a brown leopard printed top which again was fron Janpath for Rs. complete my neutral look i added a flats which my hubby got from bangkok(almost 4yrs bk). I used my black Kazo bag wid just a watch (Citizen's eco-drive) n statement neckpiece(from bangkok) to complete the look.

         Had wonderful time...always look forward to this place... yes.. it's Big Chill Cafe...our set menu here is Baked penne wid Mozzarella and Belgium Chocolate Shake (its thick ...its rich..uummmm).The place is just too perfect with framed movie posters all around..!

Perfect end of the beautiful day.
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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Nail Art

         I hav been thinking for a while to do this on my nails....but my baby keep me on my toes. Finally on friday night when my hubby was taking care of him...i did didnt take much time...but it needed little concentration...its colourful....its cheerful.. I used three different shades:- Elle 18-shade 59, New u- Yellow ochre, Colorama- Azul Royal.

Hope u had fun checking this out..
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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tasty Tongue in Surat !

        I love travelling..Yes, last weekend i traveled to new place... that means new people, different climate,change of language n the best part FOOD.
        Surat- Its an well developed metropolis of the Indian state of Gujrat, the food they like is besan (gram flour), garlic, sugar and chilli.... the combination excites me so does the taste...n the names also ;)

        My first stop was the Sasumaa Resturant for dinner which was nearby where i stayed and it served authentic gujrati unlimited thali (below Rs. 500 for 2). I loved it.. they have a sign language for every dish....the food was yum (lip-smacking, i couldn't even click a pic)... Total Value for Money.

        Second day we drove from one part of surat to another part named Varachha.....just for fafda and gathiya....Believe me... they will melt inside ur mouth in just a sec....and the cabbage+beetroot+kachi aam salad was too gud to wid tht.......Awesome Taste.Later on tht day i tried Dabeli...not to much talk about.

         Third day was kind of homestay... so driverji got Khaman, Khamni, Dal Pakori, Idhra, Khandvi from a road side stall near Bhatter area....who is there from last 25 yrs and famous as 'Kaka'. Khamni was best of all wid perfect amount of garlic, chili and sugar. Later in the evening we tried Locha, (as the name suggest it was full Locha :p) the same steam gram flour wid garlic,green chutney n sliced onion.
So, next time when u are in surat do try out these lip-smacking dishes....u won't regret eating it. :)

Till next time.. fun :)

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I need colourful SPRING in India !

Staying in a metro city sometimes is painful.. u don't have hills or beaches go n unwind the beauty of nature...or those long n stretched roads where u can just walk wid trees on both sides....

The other day i was checking out the pics of one of my friend who visited Japan and witnessed the lovely cherry blossom season "Spring" dere..oh...its so beautiful n colourful...

In India Spring brings Holi -which is definitely a colourful festival... Tress in nature r beautiful to the eyes...its a beautiful season...Flower blooms in of various colours dance in the vernal carry us to smell of flowers n music of soil....but.. i still miss something.. :)

I m updating some pics frm google search from spring in japan

....enjoy nature...
tk cr...hav fun !!

Monday, 1 April 2013

DIY Crochet Bangles

DIY Crochet Bangles are simple to the summer vacation r coming in ..this is one of those creative thing that u can show off to ur friends n family... ;)
Neon pink is in..Wear it as arm candy wid other golden or pastel shade bangles or wid bracelets.

You just need some old plastic or metal bangles that u bored off, crochet thread n needle.u can insert ghungroo, moti or any oher decorative item.

Important thing : U should knw how to use the crochet needle... :)

If any of u r trying it...let me knw hw it came n which style, colour u used.... wud love to knw

Till then tk cr...hav fun !!!!!