Sunday, 30 August 2015

The big 3 "M"

Few days back, actually months back, my sister in law( devrani) asked me a question: Bhabhi how have your Life changed after marriage & after baby?  Since I was making my baby eat something and change clothes for evening park time... I casually replied her just to get away from the question... That I will reply little later... But Real me knew, I was avoiding, avoiding a real big question. 

Isn't this life, or isn't this life I wanted. 
The 3M's are Maternity, Marriage & Me.
Life comes with pros & cons, ups & down and definitely with lots of surprises. 
Marriage is one thing that we choose taking luck aside with us. These days the style of marriage has changed, but few things remain unchanged. How well educated or on a high post or just a well mannered lady one may be but few things are expected, just like few things are expected from son-in- law.i Adjustment is the key word. You wish you travel 'x' place, While he want to travel 'y' place.... Either of you compromise and end up enjoying vacation. Avoiding situation always bring more problems and Respect to indifferences is most beautiful secret of Life.
While I write this, my baby sleeps near my and I yawn & wants to sleep too....since I have to wake up early & get baby ready for school & pack his lunch too... Thinking a while ago I was talking to a friend about never growing up( if you read, you will realise i wrote about u), about the carefree life we have lived once but back to reality, back to Life... 
On weekend my baby said he wanted to have Noodles, while I was craving for some Mexican but... But... Yes my eyes felt proud and my lips where smiling when I saw him juggling & playing with noodles before eating them. 
And I proudly says I enjoy the little things I do....these things make me feel complete. When tucked in between little arms, It's the pure joy of life.

So this is Life... Make it beautiful!

Dear Sister-in-law 
Hope you have got the correct answer to the question u have asked...( thank you for suggesting Post Title).