Saturday, 2 November 2013

Celebrity Red!

While everyone(including me) is busy in celebrating's a quick post ..

RED.. That's one color i can go never with it..yes i Love this color or better i would say we both like this color equally.... in saree, suits, western & even in his shirts ;). So, on my Hubby's Birthday i wore this Celebrity Color(this is what he says ;)) for dinner.

You always wanted to wear LRD(Little Red Dress)...but never got that particular color or fit..or you felt it's too glaring and calls lots of attention..A Red Dress is a bold fashion statement, it can create a look that seems both classic and seductive.!
Here's a quick guide for wearing this color :-
Think Monochrome :- Add belt to your dress...perfect way to add color..But don't mix it with yellow or green. A red dress with green pumps will only work in Christmas not the year around.
Stay Classic :- Planning red dress.... opt for a classic cut that does not reveal much... or a decent hemline you are not conscious about.. & yes that perfect material that suits your body type.
Glitz it up :- Wear just enough of diamonds/gold/silver to dress up your already dressed up color. But, keep jewellery minimal...either a piece o chandelier earrings or necklace or a bold bracelet to go with it.

Keep make-up simple.. Opt for a nude lipstick or gloss.. if you need color go for another shades of red. Don't hesitate to experiment... Red on Red works well if only played well with textures and shades to keep things interesting...

Now, this seems to be a long post.... anyways enjoy the festival.. do tell me did you liked what i am wearing?... Did i created right magic with my LRD? How will you dress up your Little Red Dress ??
Oh yes... Happy Diwali...Have a safe one !

Dress- Vero moda
Shoes- M block mkt worn HERE
Belt-    Westside
Cuff-    Globus

Till next time...
Hv fn.. Tk cr :)


  1. Red is always linked with something festive right? Coincidentally I wrote the exact same thing on my blog today.. my diwali outfit was red too!
    Love the last pic.. so precious!

  2. lovely u
    i love that pic of u n ur son

  3. nice pics
    following you now

  4. I absolutely love red colour and red dress is oh so sassy!!

    ure looking fab

  5. U look amazing.
    m speechless.

    New Post Up