Monday, 6 January 2014


I realized that my son is growing up...he is no more tiny-winy infant who can be curdled in your arms. He is growing up. I remember when he was tiny, I used sling to carry him, then stroller, he like a obedient infant would enjoy all the pleasures of going everywhere. He did sleep when we went for lunch or shopping, and when he woke i used to make him eat, once he was done... he enjoyed looking at everything with interest.
I always thought he's so well-behaved, good baby types who would enjoy life & when he would grow up in toddler i would have fun with him for the outings.

Ah! this is very far from the truth. Today taking my almost 25 month old toddler out of the house is a big task. He decides what he want to wear(that means half the wardrobe coming out). He don't want to wear diaper..(it takes atleast 2-3 rounds of the house to make him wear it). So, you know it's kinda shouting, pulling, pushing, yelling, running, grabbing, jumping... involved. I really get exhausted before i go out...though after all this i gather some energy from the positive side of my life and step out.
- He gets down own his own... jumping on every single step, sometimes even taking two steps together. Yes, I am scared!
-When we go to fancy restaurant, we feel guilty of going there... eyes hovering upon us because we are not that parents who enjoy their meal leaving baby to nanny(i respect everyone. everyone have their views.). He screams, he bangs table, he wants all the cutlery in reach with him, he ask for extra straw, we completes our meal where the floor & table also eat. So, we make it quickly n take exit soon(saying sorry for the mess & tipping a good amount)
-Half shopping time goes waste on his tantrums only. His little fingers will hold each dress for mommy ...n if this is not much he wants to go to the trial room too!
-Doesn't he feel cold, hundred times a day have to make him wear you imagine the situation with gloves n cap.

Ah! too much..isn't it? I know its a period which will over soon. He will start with his playschool soon...& i will be getting some time for myself... It's just a phase.! Everyday he says new words, he makes us laugh by making faces...(yes his already a expert in this).. We run ...we chase each other.. I know time will be flying soon.... so soon, so till that time ..storing up all the lovely memories to talk when we go back to fancy restaurant like a civilized person..he will shop more sensible....and then we can talk about the toddler time..the fun.. the craziness & the time when i could hold him in my arms.


  1. Just a phase will get kiddo also behaved the same way!

  2. cute post!! motherhood is so tough yet so satisfying :)

  3. aww, how cute ! These are the memorable moments of ur life ! Don't miss them luv.
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !

  4. Enjoy these little moments, won't come back !!
    have fun !! You write really well.
    the IT Girl

  5. what a lovely write up.....i think bringing up children is the most tedious but enjoyable task in the world!!!

  6. Such a nice post. My son is 2yrs 2 months too and boy I can understand what ever you have writtten here :)