Friday, 28 June 2013

Expectation !!

“If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.” 
― Sylvia Plath

Is this possible?? How can we not expect anything from anybody??
It's human nature to expect .. !!

From the very 1st day of our life(when a mother come to know she is pregnant) when we are inside mother's womb(expected to grow properly, to kick)...expectation starts with this only..till we finish off our life..when we are pissed off we ask God if he gives us death early... we are expecting this from Him..then n then.. so expectation never ends ..everybody expect from each other.. parents from their children... expect to do good in studies, competitive classes, extra-curricular activities, in their job... n it goes on.....on on n on..!!    Husband expect from wife n wife too expect from his husband... expectation levels are different but they EXPECT something(or i would say many thing ;) ) from each other(wife expects gifts on b'day n anniversary whereas husband expect some peaceful time on holiday) ...same thing for every relationship... brother-sister, with in-laws, boss- employee, with colleague, with friends, relatives.....we expect them to phone call us, to come n meet us..n lets not laugh we also expect them to like our status n pictures on social networking sites... to do this n that n same thing is expected from us back.......we try to do what other expect us to do......n what if one fails for the expectation level of other.... Actual problem starts...they argue...they fight.. have ego problems....& they are disappointed..!!

Ahh.. too much...isn't it.. but you also agree..don't u..u also expect lot of things from other as other expect from  u too......i know....even u expect me to write/share something sensible :).. 
Anyways .... have a nice weekend
Till next time...
Hv fn... tk cr :)
                                         & don't EXPECT much :)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Almond Cookies !!

Hey ...made this quick cookies for a friend(on her wedding anniversary) who loves cookies.... i make this especially in winters.. but who said you can't make them in summer(or in rainy season...whatever)... for now i just leave u with the recipe and pics.... its yummy ..its healty... do try it..

Healthy Almond Cookies:

Take 1/2cup of almond,5-7green cardamom n grind it till pwd.
Take 1n half cup of wheat flour mix the almond mixture, a pinch of baking pwd, 1/2 cup of powdered sugar,20-25 gms of softened anul butter. Mix well wid hands.
Add milk to make a dough.
Knead well.
Make small out of it. Flatten it n make sum design.
Grease baking tray n bake it in a preheated oven for 10-15 min or golden brown.
Take it out. Let them cool.
Now enjoy it with cup of coffee or tea. 

Do try it... n let me it came out...
Till next time..
Hv fn.. tk cr 

Monday, 24 June 2013

End of Shopping Ban in Jaipur!

Hey all.... Had a lovely was your weekend???.. n more important my shopping ban ends in between..  :) lasting 15 days only.... no no i m not impulsive buyer.. its just that i went to u tell me how can i resist shopping ...i know even u can't.. ! This was a quick weekend plan, so i just packed my bags with whatever i had...some old ..some latest buys n i was ready to go for a long drive....

Since i was travelling by road n 7 hours (took 2 halt in between) is not good for your body(actually butt n back..lolz.) i decided to wear comfortable (with heat surrounded us) clothes.... so kept everything to minimal.. !! 

Few of the pictures are not that good quality( iphone & xperia) ...but i enjoyed my stay every bit...with trying dal-bati churma for very meal(i actually gained weight in this trip... after all the walking & shopping in zohari bazaar also...sigh) ... enjoying the lazy evening in swimming pool... the trip was worth of everything... !!

Enjoy the pictures :)

Look 1:-
Super comfortable pink pants- Janpath
Anchor print linen shirt- (must buy)
Silver Glitter Ballies- G.k mkt
Pink Hairband, Pink drop earrings

Look 2 :- In morning wore this simple sailor top(lace+stripes) with blue denims + this turquoise ring completed the look :)

 In love with my new purchase-silver coin ring (excited to show all other purchase also.....but next time)!!

In evening visited the Birla temple...n then desserts with Friends.
Look 2:-
Green block print skirt- Streets of Jaipur
Top-Vero moda
Scarf- Long back from Kolkata( Exhibtion)
Embroided slippers- Street of Jaipur
Silver coin ring and braids completed the look. :)

So, my weekend was full of masti,good food n good company....hope u too had a nice time..
Till next time
Hv cr :)

Monday, 17 June 2013

Happy Monsoon !!!

    Happy Monsoon..
I m soo's here finally, yesterday i was a little child who danced in rain(in my small balcony)... as Mr. Husband was taking care of baby... i was enjoying the moment of barrish ;).... I know everyone loves rain.. n it makes everyone a small child within... :)  So, did u also got down your feet in water... did u enjoy the adrak wali(ginger) chai... i wished mom was there... she makes yummiest samosa... i really missed that..

Let's talk about clothes... u all know i m on shopping ban(if u are following me on instagram)
... n this is my first time.. i m craving for it.. especially.. skirts,the printed pant i checked in lifestyle, those lovely plastic footwear i checked the other day (perfect for rain)...

Ok, so it was raining when we stepped out for lunch
Look out the pictures :)

Toe rings worn as rings....

Loving skirts these days ;)

Top- Vanhuesen
Skirt- Mango
Shoes- open toed wedges (Janpath)
Neckpiece- Butterfly shaped
Umbrella- Janpath 

Hope u too enjoyed the rain... Till next time... hv cr :)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Invisible Bond !!

                                                                                                                        pic courtesy-google

Hey... Did u ever feel any invisible bond when u meet someone for the very first time??  Did that any day happened to you?? I think it happens !! You just talk to each other, without any certain relationship, without any expectation..and u just become great friends... companion ... the sparks in the eyes shows..even in the fellow person.!! You want to meet again n again.. talk your heart out .... can spend the hours talking without knowing what the future holds..... this is the Invisible Bond.. which just happens..!

OK. lots of let's talk something sensible ;)
...actually i have made some great n awesome friends while while my evening walk ;) and then we became friends...may b we were destined for that.!! its easy to talk to stranger.. and once u have a baby.. i would say its too easy to talk to stranger ...did something like this ever happened with u... did u ever met a stranger n had that invisible bond??? Would like know write in..share ur experience...
Till next time....
Hv cr..  :)

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tiramisu.. my way !!

Last weekend called for many celebration...

1.  crossed the pageviews much better than expected
2. Its 7 yrs years of knowing each other (read here my hubby) :)

Desserts always comes first when we think of celebration...same was i made this easy-to-make Tiramisu.. the famous italian dessert.... but my way.. this i have made many a times n is actually liked by all.... its eggless, its easy, its healthy..

Healthy Aata Cake
Block of Vanilla Icecream
Coffee Pwd

Mix coffee pwd (1 tbsp) with water (2 tbsp) for coffee syrup
Slice the aata cake in between for equal layers.
Cut it again to make long fingers for serving bowl /small square pieces for ice cream cups.
In a serving bowl/ ice cream cup  ....Put a layer of Aata cake soak with coffee syrup now gently spread ur vaniilla icecream.. repeat again the Aata cake, coffee syrup n ice cream layer....sprinkle generous amount of choco-chip.
Deep- fridge it for several hours before serving

Note:- U can even decorate it with coffee pwd, chocolate pwd.

It's an easy recipe... do try it... tell wat all recipes do u alter n give your own touch.. would like to know..
Till next time..
Hv fn.. tk cr :)

Monday, 10 June 2013

"Bestest Daddy"- My Hubby !

Perfect picture to cherish their bond

Hey all, so this is Daddy's month JUNE.. yes, Father's day fall on 16th of June (sunday) this year.

It's the talk of the town...  there are numerous amount of contest, talks, gifting..etc going about Father's part of celebrations, asked moms to nominate their spouse as the Best Daddy!!! and why we think they deserve the title BEST DADDY !!
It's very easy for me .....i can go over n over saying the same :)

My hubby was very much involved with our baby when he got to know about GOOD NEWS ;) From proper diet to healthy lifestyle,.. routine check up to bad back cramps, ultrasound to feeling baby kicks...he was part of everything... and finally the day came when he was called DAD !

Honestly, as mother i didn't think he will understand the pressure of looking after the kid.. BUT i was amazed to see from Day 1 he was involved with nappy changing to patting him....making him sleep during the difficult night..handling him easily while having dinner(u know about nuclear families) ...He can be Truely called the MOTHER of our baby... and i can't deny for that. !!

Our baby is 18 mnth + and his eyes shine when daddy comes back home in evening.. my Hubby never leaves home without hugging & kissing him.. They have made their own way of saying bye in the morning..when he leaves for office..  :)
Sunday is meant for them... bath time fun to park time.. handling easily while i shop in mall to playing with his stacks and shape sorter.. playing cricket or riding him bicycle...the list goes on..n on... :)

Another very different and sweet thing about my hubby is he creates his own lullaby...every time new n unique tune.. and important part my baby enjoys it...!!
Another ritual what i really enjoy is he never takes the last bottle from me...he will take his bottle...go to his dad.. will get cosy in daddy's arm... my hubby feed him the last bottle in night... changes his diaper n slowly makes him fall asleep... !!
I guess it's too much of praise to nominate my hubby as the BESTEST DAD i think.... still there are many ...


Thank u  Firstcry ....u gave me a chance to show the world that my hubby is the BESTEST DAD.....i nominate him & he truely deserves this title :)

Thank u ..

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

2 different ways to wear your old DRESS !

What u actually do with your maternity dresses?? Do u giveaway?? or do u style it n enjoy it!.. 
I loved this floral dress with cowl complimented me on my pregnancy days...but not now... it makes me look fat with a baby bump now also... so last weekend i thought to give it a try with layering......  do check it out did u like the styling ...i kinda liked it... enjoyed wearing the 2nd look on sunday ..

So, what about u ....did u give away your maternity dresses or did u styled it ...??

This one i paired it with a shrug n a belt. Floral with stripes.. combining two different in one style.

This one i paired with a beige colour top.... to give my dress a skirt look, studs on my bag, spikes on finger and ear :)

I think i gave a new look to my dress..u can also mix-match ur old favourite n gave it a brand new look...!

1. Dress- And
                        Shrug- Marks &Spencer
       Belt- Thrifted

2. Dress- And
       Top-  Thrifted
                            Bag, ring earring- Youshine 

Hope u enjoyed.......Till next time......Hv fn..Tk cr.. :)

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Mint Rice + Chilli Raita !

U won't believe...this was my 1st movie of 2013. Yes, its "Yeh jawani yeh deewani" ...i went on the same day it released(yesterday)...i soo wanted to see baby also enjoyed the movie as i did...sigh..wat a relief!! I can now go often :)

Nways, today i am talking about raita (i made before going for the movie...for our dinner)... Chilli Raita.. i wanted to try it.. but not with the regular rice/biryani, so made Mint Rice... do try..its a nice combination  ....fresh and spicy...... definitely on my list for next time :)

Mint Rice
Rice (soaked for an hour)
Mint paste- 3 to 4 tbsp(can vary wid ur taste)
Garlic- 7-8 chopped finely
Garam Masala-1/2 tsp
Black Pepper-Freshly crushed
Salt as per taste
Onion -2 thinly sliced

In a pan put oil add garlic, saute for few seconds then add mint paste..
Add drained rice and fold it with mint and garlic.
Add black pepper, salt, garam masala...n mix well without breaking rice.
Add water in the ratio 2:1. 1 cup rice:2 cup water (add hot water in case u need little more in between)
Cover it n let it cook..till rice is done.

Put little oil in a seperate pan ...add onions and saute till brown.
Keep it aside.

Arrange cooked mint rice in a serving bowl. Sprinkle onions on top.  Enjoy !!

Green Chilli Raita
Cucumber-1/2 finely chopped
Green chillies-6-7 finely chopped
Red Chilli Pwd-very little
Salt as taste
Cumin-Freshly grounded(for that lovely aroma)

Mix all n serve chilled with Mint Rice. :)

Hey.. go and watch the movie if u didn't watched it yet... n do try this recipe..tell me about more flavours in raita...would love to know
Till next time...
Hv cr :)