Thursday, 10 October 2013

Flying with your kid is NO Rocket Science!

I always thought how will i travel with a kid... I mean there were always few infant/toddlers whenever i flew. I love kids, yes, now more than ever.. But, then the least 2 hours would become like lifetime.

So, when Baby V's time came to flew with me which was first when he was 4 months old.. i took a day flight..asked the air hostess to adjust me in the first row(little more of leg space) n help me with the bassinet. Ahh.. all was fine.While returning back i took a late night that we can both(atleast he) enjoy our little naps.

All was fine..till we decided to go on a holiday little far.. 5 hours journey..that too sitting in a one place... that too for an infant who is 9 month old who want to reach for everything, who wants everything in is mouth.....we dreaded..Baby V is not a cranky kid but he's moody,he can snap if things don't go his way(no paternity test required here). Would we be the helpless parents trying to pacify our child or would we be the savvy, self assured, comfortable parents who know what to do? But we did, n we survived(from the big rolling eyes).

Here's few things to keep in mind-
1- Priority- Take fights which suits your baby, because you don't want a cranky/shouting/irritating baby next to you... do you?
2- Always carry your baby stroller.....your baby may refuse to sit in that but you can keep your hands free ;)
3- Use the baby queue/line when you are travelling international.. they work more quickly.
4- Try to give important meal before the flight time.. that way you can entertain with small meals or snacks in between.
5- Most parents fear this. And rightly so, as the change in cabin pressure can cause earache which can be pretty annoying and scary for the little one. The best way to avoid it is to ensure that the baby is feeding during these two events. If your baby is breast-fed, hold out feeding him while the plane is taxiing because he may finish just before take off and defeats the purpose. In this case.. rub ears.
6- Pack some favourite toy/books.... this works best. Also, pack some new toy to surprise and distract the bored baby.
7- Update your phone/ipad with new game or videos. It's a life saver.

I am NO expert but this my personal view/experience. I am sure you would have plenty more to add to it, may be even i will have some more suggestion in future. I will be more than happy to receive suggestions in the comment box below.
Yes, the important part is having fun... if they are having fun why should we stop our self.!
Do you travel with your kids a lot? How do you manage them.. ?
Till next time ...
Hv fn Tk cr :)


  1. Good one..very informative.


  2. nice post Nisha

  3. these are some cool tips ! Luckily i am quite over this stage but earache is a bit tough to tackle with my 7 yr old too. I may add here, that carrying a good stock of chewing gum helps, even for biggies like us ! Gaming is a big relief for me for long flights, whoever invented those apps- Respect Man !!!
    Thanks so much for ur encouraging comment on my blog, much appreciate !

    1. Awww...Thank you sooo much *Happy Dance*! You are one HOT MOM i know in this virtual world..Chewing gum seems to be effective option...i soo agree with the gaming thing.. I am new to this world & such lovely encouraging words make my day ! I am already following you on facebook and instagram.. Hope we follow each other here.. Thanks!

  4. Thanks Nisha. I am following you on gfc. You have a great blog. Good job on writing!!
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