Friday, 4 October 2013

Running Errands !

Running Errands?...  Everyday!. So what we wear? Those yoga pants or jeans n tee n feel like trapped because we can't wear anything fancy. But, who said that.. We can wear anything while running errands.. only important thing is we need to be comfortable in what we wear.

I am a housewife & mother of a toddler... if i"ll be wearing my pj's whole day..i feel low(i know it's most comfortable piece of cloth on earth),i will sit on the couch whole day, though my baby won't let me ;). So, i choose to wear something comfortable rather than pj's.. i feel confident, energetic and specially i feel good :)

This is what i wore while grocery shopping, making lunch, running errands, and shopping with my friend the other day. I just loved the colours i am wearing turquoise green/blue+ coral. What your say about it?? What do you wear while running errands??

Ok.. Did i tell you i am making lot of healthy stuff these days... like onion fritters(pyaz bhajia).. ;)
Ya, you read it right.. just bake them instead of frying... brush the tray with little oil..spread the mixture & spray little more oil... Perfect n yummy.. Do try..n let me know :)

Dress/Tunic- W
Bag- youshine seen here & here
Neon bracelets- Globus
Shoes- G.K.Mkt.


  1. WOW..u look good. love ur dress.


    1. Thank you Aditi... for the lovely words... You made my morning ! :)

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  3. U know what ....if Im at home for say 2-3 days (when office has chuttis) i cant wear PJs all the time ...i dress-up as if im going out and do all those house errands....i so so agree with you..
    it actually lift your mood up
    BTW nice option for healthy food :)
    I so liked your dress ....i want .hehe :)

    1. Thank you..Sometimes i miss my working days ..they were crazy days:( ,btw you can check it at W store.. i got it at 50% off ;) Happy shopping..