Saturday, 31 August 2013

Back to School !

Those who raised their eyebrows while reading the head post... let me clear i m not joining/going to school..This post is all about the parent's confusion(or may b i am clearing my doubts) about sending their toddler to school(and yes a little surprise ootd for u all at last ;) )

What's the right age?-In my opinion, 2 to 2.5 years is the ideal age for kids to go to playschool. They learn to be more social, they would start talking atleast a little bit(n back home they can tell us what happened) and they can sit for sometime listening or playing with other kids of their age.
Of course, if parents are working and is taken care by non family members, I dont think they will enjoy staying at home nor will they develop socially or intellectually with a maid. In such a case even 18 months or 2 years is a good time for playschool. 
Many parents make the mistake of pushing their children to a playschool early and this something that should be avoided at all costs. Since playschool follow a system of routine, children might find it difficult to engage in the same things every day.
All rest depend upon the individual child n definitely parents know BEST about their kid .. :)

The school girl look ;)
In love with skirt

D-I-Y collar chain
 Top- already seen here
 Skirt- Globus
 Loafers- Metro(In love with them)...u can see them here &here

By the way...what do you think is the right age for playschool...
Till next time...
Hv fn.. tk cr :)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

The FabAlley Jewel Box

You know it's not easy to shop(forget about window shopping) when you have a small baby who runs around the mall n shop to shop....and bumps at somebody's feet/shopping bags.... so you choose to go without him(not possible, nuclear family) or you shop online....which is best option these days... lots of choices n good deals.

Some days back, i subscribed to faballey, received a mail from faballey ....about some 'Jewel Box'....I ordered myself the minute i saw it..the deal was drool worthy..

What is Jewel Box- A jewel box is exactly what it sounds like... a box containing three pieces of randomly pre-selected jewellery that suites your style......U got Confused??? You need to take a short quiz & then its randomly decided which box suits your fashion/style sensibilities...... results may surprise you. Did u find it cool??... I guess i find it cool... because when we order individual pieces, it amount roughly Rs 2000/- and opt for the box n its just for Rs 1000/-... Doesn't it sound's quite a bargain.... The jewellery is trendy n high on quality.... After the quiz ...I opted for the classic box which contained two neckpiece and a earring... Loved both my neckpiece...earrings are ok...may  be because i am not high on earrings... but still i will wear it sometime....Personally, i would love to create/choose my own pieces, rather than leaving it to fate/brand to choose it....But, overall i liked my box. How about delivery?? The box was at my doorstep within 4-5 was quick.. How about the packaging??? All pieces were wrapped in different bubble sheet secured with tape..n came in black cardboard box.....but Yes, nothing the name says "Jewel Box"... They should give a second thought about the packaging....
However, it was nice experience and three new addition in my accessory section..May i opt for another box for the next month ;)
Wearing here denim on denim trend with new gold and gunmetal chain link necklace....

Did u tried the FabAlley Jewel Box? Do share your experience with me in the comments section.... would love to know...
Till next time..
Hv fn..Tk cr :)

Friday, 23 August 2013

Kingdom of Dreams

Hey all...
How was your Rakhi.. (by the way which say did u celebrated??) .... mine was super duper awesome.. you must be already knowing the reason.. here ...  :)

Started my day on high notes....  tied the rakhi to bro... went to one of my sister-in-law's place...came back...quickly changed and rushed  to Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgoan. I would HIGHLY recommend you all to visit the place anytime you are in Delhi. It's worth it(this is my 2nd visit)!

Wearing here is a top i purchased recently in sale... it was last minute pick...n i was already rushing out of store....i just grabbed it wore it above my worn dress(you know how the sale period is...n long queue in trail rooms) n liked the tropical print sooo much that i couldn't resist from buying...!

Did i tell you these loafers are super comfortable..... i mean i wore it yesterday...whole day walked in it...and i wore it again today..more than half day..n there's no shoe bites..Colour is perfect tan... It's stylish..(may be u will see me more in this :P)

P.S. It's heavy on pictures..random clicked.... enjoy them.. :)

                                                            P.S : The model in making

                                                                  Beautiful exteriors :)

                                                                   Amazing interiors :)

Top- Zara

Baby: T-shirt/Pant- Benetton
          Sandals- G.K.Market

Till next time..
Hv fn.. Tk cr :)

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Fun in Sun @ Taj Mahal !

Hey all....  When bro visits u after 5 yrs... its automatically calls for celebration... .... how the week passed..i didn't even noticed...can't even hold the excitement of his coming n now he'z already gone.....We were so lost in our worlds... travelling, food, shopping... n we lived every moment(there will be soon more on blog).

                                                                                                                                                                     I started my day (tuesday) on very high note... as we were taking a day trip to Taj Mahal,Agra (hubby had an off on tuesday...yay yay)... we started around 9:30 from home.. reached 12:30... best part was the Yamuna Expressway (delhi-noida-greater noida-agra).... Awww i simply loved the was sooo smooth..n the weather was too good clouds were playing hide n seek game with me :)

We had a quick lunch at Bikarnerwala(agra) n then headed straight to our destination..
Sun was shinning on our heads....we chatted... posed... laughed n made faces... I love such days... I didn't wanted it to over... But, again.. All good things come to an end..

P.s This is high on photo's ....  ;)

Believe me, i actually jumped n danced on Yamuna Expressway....  :)

Top- Van Huesen(neon striped)
Skirt- Levi's
Ring- Janpath
Sunglasses- Vintage(got as rakhi gift :))
Loafers- Metro shoes (super duper comfortable)
Watch- Citizen's eco-drive

Till next time....
Hv fn.. Tk cr :)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

August Love !

Loving everything about August..... Perfect sunny days... to gloomy n rainy days....I stand in my little balcony n stare at the the birds fly here n there...soak myself in some rain....just like a kid .....The month has just started n i am enjoying every bit of it.....even the festivals(it means holidays) starts from this month...I don't know why i am excited .....but yes i am (will share the reason if i come to know ;) )...... Just enjoy the natural pics (definitely will come up with sensible reason to write.....but isn't this sensible....don't u enjoy nature/weather).... Keep scrolling...

Pics are taken from my Phone Camera.. & location is my small little Balcony :)

Enjoyed rain & ginger tea..... Hope u enjoyed.... I know this is heavy on pics...was it write below in comments.... would love to read back... Till next time... Hv Fn.....Tk Cr  :)