Monday, 10 June 2013

"Bestest Daddy"- My Hubby !

Perfect picture to cherish their bond

Hey all, so this is Daddy's month JUNE.. yes, Father's day fall on 16th of June (sunday) this year.

It's the talk of the town...  there are numerous amount of contest, talks, gifting..etc going about Father's part of celebrations, asked moms to nominate their spouse as the Best Daddy!!! and why we think they deserve the title BEST DADDY !!
It's very easy for me .....i can go over n over saying the same :)

My hubby was very much involved with our baby when he got to know about GOOD NEWS ;) From proper diet to healthy lifestyle,.. routine check up to bad back cramps, ultrasound to feeling baby kicks...he was part of everything... and finally the day came when he was called DAD !

Honestly, as mother i didn't think he will understand the pressure of looking after the kid.. BUT i was amazed to see from Day 1 he was involved with nappy changing to patting him....making him sleep during the difficult night..handling him easily while having dinner(u know about nuclear families) ...He can be Truely called the MOTHER of our baby... and i can't deny for that. !!

Our baby is 18 mnth + and his eyes shine when daddy comes back home in evening.. my Hubby never leaves home without hugging & kissing him.. They have made their own way of saying bye in the morning..when he leaves for office..  :)
Sunday is meant for them... bath time fun to park time.. handling easily while i shop in mall to playing with his stacks and shape sorter.. playing cricket or riding him bicycle...the list goes on..n on... :)

Another very different and sweet thing about my hubby is he creates his own lullaby...every time new n unique tune.. and important part my baby enjoys it...!!
Another ritual what i really enjoy is he never takes the last bottle from me...he will take his bottle...go to his dad.. will get cosy in daddy's arm... my hubby feed him the last bottle in night... changes his diaper n slowly makes him fall asleep... !!
I guess it's too much of praise to nominate my hubby as the BESTEST DAD i think.... still there are many ...


Thank u  Firstcry ....u gave me a chance to show the world that my hubby is the BESTEST DAD.....i nominate him & he truely deserves this title :)

Thank u ..

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