Monday, 30 September 2013

D-I-Y Alphabet Banner !

This is one of the easiest n beautiful D-I-Y i have done in these days.
1- Educational purpose for my 22+ month old toddler
2- Little decoration for his toy room
3- This can be altered in many ways- a- u can make 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' banner
                                                         b- u can add 'PHOTOGRAPHS', instead of alphabets
                                                         c- u can gift it to a toddler.
 Things required- A black chart paper(good quality)
                           2 chart papers in different shades(i used neon)
                           zigzag sciccors
                           punching machine
                           4 small pins
 1- Cut the required size with zigzag scissors
 2- Punch them
 3- Insert the ribbon(u can decide how much gap u want)
 4- Write alphabets neatly.& according the size of black chart paper
 5- Cut them
 6- Paste them with glue
 (U can draw little smileys or cute little drawings if u wish )
 7-Now arrange neatly and pin it on the sides of wall.
Check the pictures out :-

I know this is very simple D-I-Y , but still thought to share... any ideas regarding this paper banners are welcome...would love to read..
Till next time
Hv fn.. Tk cr :)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

10 Reasons to treat yourself with a New Perfume

1- Simply because you are awesome and you totally deserve it. You deserve to buy something new. Take a look at the mirror and feel 'wow' about yourself !

2- You can never have enough fragrances. Will you? Will you settle for a bottle or two?

3- A new fragrance is like new lover.. You will enjoy wearing it..You will want to can carry it along anywhere !

4- A new season, a new reason to buy fragrance..Just like you won't wear your summer dress in winter.. how can u wear a same fragrance all-year-round !

5- Emphasize your unique personality.. The type of perfume you choose to wear depends on your mood & nobody can wear same mood at a same time !

6- Scents seduce Men. It's a ultimate weapon of seduction, It will leave him breathless. Anyone who try to deny is either lying or nose-less ;) (same apply for women too)

7- It makes you feel elegant and glamourous both at the same time... simply spraying some heavenly scent !

8- A day without perfume.. Can you stay without spraying some?  Did i hear NO WAY?

9- It's little secret. It lifts your spirits instantly !

10- Just like your lust list for shoes,clothes, accessory or what ever.... there's always LUST list for perfume also. :)

So what are you wearing/ lusting these days.... Would like to hear...  :)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Colonial Hill Station !

October is just a week away.... & can feel the winter mist in air(i know winter is NO-were till november mid)...
It's been 7 months since i visited this colonial hill station, Kasauli. I loved that was not was not touristy..yet it had everything we were looking for a 2 night stay.. Started our drive early morning....n through the Chandigarh highway we evening rain n fog thought to join us...The narrow roads slither up and down the hillside and it offer some magnificient views...The drive was very slow due to fog and we reached around dinner time to our rented colonial bunglow. We spended 1 n half day roaming around the place..watched beautiful sunset(one of the best till date)....and some unforgettable memories(Baby V's first hill station).
P.S-This post is picture heavy.. But trust me you will enjoy it ! :)

En route to our destination !

                                                 Just reached ! have worn these pants here also :)

                                                                     Lovely morning !

                                                             Always ready for click :)

Christ Church, Kasauli

                                              Towards sunset point... check the fog behind ;)


                                               We stayed here... I loved everything about it !

Hope u enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed sharing it :)
Till next time....
Hv fn.. tk cr :)

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Random Talk :)

Life is getting monotonous... it seems i am drowning...with work, health, and with ideas..Nothing new happening...nor any travel plans yet....
But yes... something is approaching ... A week more n October starts... My Birthday month...People says What special??? You are getting a year more candle to your cake, a few more wrinkles and a year less to live... But that's OK with me..I am girl who had always bought  flower to herself(i won't mind if u wish to send me some flowers ;) )... and i don't complain about that :)
On another thought.. Baby V is keeping me on my usual..he's getting notorious day by day....
Weather getting better everyday..winter's approaching.. It's perfect time to read a book with coffee in your hand :)
These are my last year birthday pics.. Dinner at Dhaba @ The Claridges, Delhi with hubby n baby.

                                                                  He loves camera :)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Time is Running!

Honestly, if you would have asked me how fast time goes, when baby V was born, i would have said nothing, i rolled my eyes n stare up at u..n give u a blank look...being sleep deprived and an exhausted mummy...time was standing at it's pace. I tried to find time for myself..but i didn't get any..
Baby V is already 22 months old... 2 more months & we will be celebrating his 2nd birthday.... n definitely not a newborn baby now..Well he's still a baby..but not my super tiny more tiny-winy more rattles... (I m little emotional now)...My baby is growing up.... Can i Ask time to slow down???
Don't get me wrong... But still i would like to cuddle him in my to him for hours(definitely without getting disturbed from him)...but now he runs here n there....make faces(u know they can't sit still)...
I like how he views the world n react to it..I love seeing everyday how he learns something new... New words, new things, he imitates every possible way...The look on his face when he tries new food... he's already started making his choices...for toys-food-clothes n of course for people too...he's even started to pull out his own clothes.....How he gets excited when his daddy comes home from work... i love to see his dimples when he giggles..those puzzle look he gives at new toy... I mean I can't STOP here... The smile he gives when he sees me every morning after waking up...those-are-the-best !
Though i don't want him to grow up so quickly..... Still, I'm loving every moment !

Baby V if you will ever read this in future....i want to tell u one thing....... I LOVE YOU BABY! 

Friday, 13 September 2013

Discussion over Comparison ?

I wonder sometimes why do people compare other with the third person...or things with other things... it's such a AH feeling.. How it sounds when an old lady will compare your kid with her aunt/uncle or someone more older than her.... Gawd.. I hate it(i even don't know that person)... I don't like people comparing your height, weight,skin colours with others(i mean, grow up people)... Everybody is unique...everybody have their own personality...what ever it may b  .... I don't remember if any day my parents have compared me to my cousins or any of my friends(i know i am not best...but yes they are best Parents)....They always wanted best out of me but, yes, which parent doesn't want that......Discussion are different... Comparison is different..

Let's talk about clothes:- These pics were in my archive folder from long(i think almost a month)....# New pieces worn here.....Tropical printed top was a found in between many small corner at the side(was asking me to pick-me-up & i could not say NO...)& it has a lovely back(could not take a pic... may b next time). The pointed pumps was love at first site :) & the earrings were gift.

Posing with baby... I like to make faces ;)

Top- Benetton
Skirt- Marks & Spencer already seen here
Shoes- Charles & keith
Bag- Kazo already seen here & here

What do you think about Comparison?? Is it a healthy practise?? Do drop your comments below..would like to know :)
Till next time
Hv fn.. Tk cr :)

Monday, 9 September 2013

Lost & Found !

There is a saying that a friend is there for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

How some people I thought I would forever be closely connected to have drifted so far out of my life that I know almost nothing about them.  That people I thought would be interested in me & my child’s lives just aren’t at all and how others that I barely know seem deeply interested in the well being of me and my family. This is all what i have started thinking lately.... about how life changes and how deeply a relationship evolves or evaporates.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the wonderful new relationships I have formed.  I have met women I didn’t realize could honestly exist.  I have met strong women who will cheer for other women.  Women who will congratulate you when you accomplish something you are proud of and those same women will wholeheartedly listen when you feel like your world is about to unravel.  I have met women who joke and laugh about one another but aren’t mean and nasty. These women are not of same age.... some are old granny's.... the other are mom of young grown up kids... few of my age even... they are for reason.... you are just blessed to be with them..

I have realized that the amount of time you know person doesn’t equal the amount of loyalty and love you get from that person.  If someone cares about you then they are never too busy to reach out, weeks turn to months that turn to years and then you don’t even know where to pick up from there.I have decided that if you aren’t present it’s not ok.  If you don’t make the effort eventually I won’t either.... they are like seasons...

I think it’s as I am getting older that I am realizing what I do and don’t have time for.  I used to feel hurt and slighted when I felt old connections weren’t reaching out or making efforts but now I feel more relieved.  I feel able to move on to positive. I make new friends.... eventually i don't forget the old ones who are stuck with's not easy to forget them...there are tears, followed by little sadness and sometimes just a deep feeling of loneliness..... but moving on is life.... one has to move on..either you have anybody on your sides or not.. life goes on.... still there would be one or two of them whom u don't see.. neither talk.. still u are connected.. when you meet/ seems a house on fire..... that's relation for lifetime.... Anyone of you experienced the same thing?? 

Till next time..
Tk cr.. Hv fn. :)

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

D-I-Y Ballerina

You know when a shoe is lying in shoe rack for more than 4 years and you wore it for just twice or may be tried  for third time...n you put it back....what that means.. either the shoe was purchased just out of love.. or you were in too hurry... I don't remember what was the case with these suede ballerina... which i purchased from Emami market, Kolkata.. But one thing i knew... i was not in a mood of giving it away... 
So, finally they got a new life..
Inspired by studs and spikes ....i created this for myself with these metal sequins(i stocked them almost 10 years back during my internship)..
Neon orange nailpaint from elle18
Quick fix

                                                                     Materials used

                                                                  I started from back...

                Then did a little touch up in front... slowly covered the piping area with nail paint.

                                                The finished product ..... I am happy with it :)

So, what do u do when something like this just lying in your closet for sooo long..? 
Till next time
Hv fn.. Tk cr :)