Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Disco Deewane ;)

Disco Deewana... Did i visited a disc/pub lately?? No no this is not about any disco or pub its about Yes, because when my packet came... after seeing the pouch...i started singing disco deewane...aahaa..  ;)

I opted for 3 months subscription & this is my first month...Happy because it's their 1st Anniversary issue.
The best thing i liked, they don't use boxes and this cute polka-dot pouch is the highlight for me... let's see what i receive next month :)
Price : Rs 499/- per month
Rs 1099 for 3 months
Rs 1999 for 6 months
Annual : Rs 300 per month

What i had in my pouch ?
1- A super awesome compact hair brush with inbuilt mirror... very small/light and handy... perfect for my make-up pouch.
2- I am someone who love using neutral eye shadow colors.. so, this Naked Palette is perfect for me.
3- Lavender body lotion from The Nature's co. It's light, non-greasy and the smell is great...very fresh. It's a sample bottle.. so i can decide if i need a full bottle for myself or not..I am looking forward to try it... Did you ever tried it ??
4- Sally Hansen's Miracle Cure. This is the first time i am hearing about it, As the name suggest it's Miracle Cure for chipping-peeling nails..... Google search says it's a good product for your nails...i can't say so without using it.. yet i can use it as base coat or top coat.

Now i am looking forward for my another 2 more subscription .. It's good for them who want to try some new brands or rather like to try new things.. It's value for money.. I think the best is to subscribe for 3 months in which you can get different products...If u like it..u can subscribe for another few months more. There's also option for one, u can check accordingly.....By the way, what was in your Vellvette pouch this month ??
I have a one-time use coupon as welcome bonus. Anybody who want to book can mail and i can msg you the coupon code.
You can book your bag/pouch HERE


  1. hey u have good products.
    I stopped subsribing bcos i kind of did not like the products at all what was coming .....

    1. Ok... is that so... fingers crossed for another 2 months :)

  2. Good one..m following u on gfc..hope u follow back.


    1. Thanks! i have added you ...hope to see/read each other more. :)