Saturday, 5 October 2013

Happy Navratri !

It's a first day of Navratri. Clothes n accessories form an important part, however one thing that is most revered is the nine-day-fast. There are many who eat one meal at a day, some are only on fruits and liquids. So, while every body out there is talking about clothes, dandiya nights, puja ceremony.. I thought to talk about the Healthy Fast and yes indulge yourself lot more than just Satvik food.

1- People generally prefer eating dinner, try having lunch or an early dinner(sundowner)...that way you are giving your body enough time to digest the food.
2- The consumption of fluids must be increased. Options are fruit lassi, lassi, fruit smoothies. Have frozen yogurt instead of ice-cream, it provides instant glucose and keep body hydrated.
3- Consume lot of Vitamin-rich fresh fruits and Protein-rich milk products. Consume carbohydrate-rich sources, as they will support the exhaustive ratri raas of garba and dandiya.
4- Keep fried food away(i know it's impossible... because i love to eat sabudana vada). Try having baked tikki's/vada's with olive oil instead.
P.S  Some of the portion is taken from Delhi Times article.

This is what i wore to "Mata ka Jagrata" a day before(at my Hubby's aunt place). This jeorgette saree is self weaved in golden threads with beautiful paisley design.. It's light weight....perfect to carry without feeling loaded :) so, i wore a dull-gold sequins blouse with it. I kept the jewellery to minimal and completed the look with light make-up.

 I love wearing saree, though occasionally, red is our(Me n Mr. hubby) favourite colour :)

Saree- Banglore(one of my trousseau shopping)
Blouse- Got it made from local tailor
Bangles- lac( kolkata)
So, what are you eating /wearing this Navratri.... n what are your plans??? 
Till next time...
Hv fn...Tk cr :)

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