Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Stache Party!

Last year on the very same day.... i was too too too busy... Yes, because i planned a surprise birthday party for my Hubby at our place...oh yay... Happy Birthday Hubby!

Now here's a tip for you all... If you have a small baby(mine was 11 n half months that time) pls ask help from people... don't consider yourself Superwoman..aah.!

Now, let's come back to the title already said the theme was 'Stache Party'. Theme was searched from our best friend Google.. and weeks before i started making paper Moustaches ,swirls, b'day banner at home for the decor... I even made photo props- T.V , Facebook wall & pink-purple staches for us ;). I bought some stick-on stache from market BUT no body wore it because birthday boy was not at all sporty.. :p.... nways..i leave you with the pictures say more than words...enjoy...

                                                                     Stache Cake


                                                         My Little handsome was amazed :)

                                                        Return gifts- stache on cupcakes :)

                                                                       Birthday boy!

                                                                     Television ;)

Facebook wall ;)

Oh yes.. There's another tip.... whatever day the birthday falls celebrate it on weekends... else the guests n hosts always run out of time... for next morning routine plans.....Uff..i guess too many tips for the day ;)
Hope you had fun reading this out... btw.. Did you planned any surprise party?? How was the outcome?? Do share your experience & views, would love to read...
Till next time..
Hv fn.. Tk cr :)

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Getting decked up!

It's that time of year..when everything is getting decked up for the festive might be in-between shopping spree for yourself, gifting ideas, home decor n what not.. 
We like our house neat n clean & beautiful all year round...but who doesn't like that extra little effort in festive time..

Diwali,also known as the “festival of lights,” is one of the most important festivals of the year for Hindus,  and is celebrated with grandeur as families perform traditional activities together in their homes.During this festive time small clay lamps(i adore them in every shape and size) are filled with oil and lit to signify the triumph of good over evil, fireworks are burst to drive away evil spirits and decorative designs with colorful powder are made to welcome deities. It’s my absolute favorite time of the year, so vibrant and full of energy.!

So, here are some decor ideas that i would like to share:-

Flower + clay powder rangoli

Painted rangoli with poster color

Flower rangoli

pic source: google

pic source :google

pic source: google

Clay pot filled with rose petals

Apart from this there's lot many things you can do to make your home look inviting and warm... 
Silk/brocade cushion covers
LED lights in different shapes & colors
Hang lanterns(paper/cloth/glass) around
Lots of marigold flower/mango leaves has it's own charm
Hang Bandarwars at the entrance

Hope it's an interesting post & yes Do share your ideas too....
Till next time
Hv fn..Tk cr :)

Friday, 25 October 2013

Beat the Blues with!

Hey.How you all are doing??..... was in bed for around 12-15 days due to dengue fever... so was less active here.But now i am back..!
What a great start of weekend... Got my courier quite big and heavy also. Happy to receive the "K.I.S.S" keep it simple s<3xy Edition.! As the tag line suggests the products are the needy/basic products.
This is my 2nd bag....& i loved the products.

The best thing i liked is the blue pouch's waterproof & best will be used while travelling(which i am going to do soon ;))

 What i had in my Pouch?
1- A super awesome sexy Black Kohl Pencil by swiss brand, Florelle. It's perfect for the coming winters... I loved it.!
2- Two products from Vantiv.. a) The shampoo is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.. liked the smell..looking forward to use it. b) The third product is sweet, citrus-scented shower gel.... I liked it..the smell is very fresh..n it leaves your skin moistured...I have used it..  Both the bottles are full sized...yay !!
3- Oasis Ultra Hydrator from H2o + - It's a moisture-intensive cream-gel hydrates and illuminates dull, depleted skin.... Looking forward to use it.

All in all... i received 3 full size and one sample size product.
I am happy with my decision of subscribing it for a 3 month...Now i am looking forward for my 3rd one... It's definitely value for money..
What is in your Vellvette pouch this month?? Did you liked the products??
If you haven't book one for yourself can check it out HERE!
Till next time ....
Hv fn.. Tk cr :)

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Trendy Guyz !

All this while i was talking about women fashion... What about Men? Doesn't they go with the trends? Doesn't they love Fashion? Definitely they do!

Ok, Let me introduce you to my Mr. Hubby. He loves the big world as much as i do. Infact, he's a step ahead then me. He got his portfolio shoot around 10 years back got selected for some T.V serial, but God had another plans for him. So, instead of Kolkata to Mumbai, he landed up in Delhi..and there's no looking back. He inspired me to write this post, so now you know from where did my baby got his attitude (see HERE )

Talking about Men fashion, here are some really cool outfits for the upcoming season!
1- Printed Sweaters/ sweatshirts-

 2- Tartan/Plaid...perfect for winters!

3- Quirky Printed Pants-

4- Colored and monochrome pants-

5- Camouflage....not only for military person..but for our man also-

6-For upcoming festive season-

 Dev r Nil

Jenjum Gadi
Pic courtesy- Google

These are some outfits idea which i thought are ruling and will be ruling men's world. What do you think so??Hope you had fun reading as much as i loved to write it.!
Till next time....
Hv fn.. Tk cr :)

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Flying with your kid is NO Rocket Science!

I always thought how will i travel with a kid... I mean there were always few infant/toddlers whenever i flew. I love kids, yes, now more than ever.. But, then the least 2 hours would become like lifetime.

So, when Baby V's time came to flew with me which was first when he was 4 months old.. i took a day flight..asked the air hostess to adjust me in the first row(little more of leg space) n help me with the bassinet. Ahh.. all was fine.While returning back i took a late night that we can both(atleast he) enjoy our little naps.

All was fine..till we decided to go on a holiday little far.. 5 hours journey..that too sitting in a one place... that too for an infant who is 9 month old who want to reach for everything, who wants everything in is mouth.....we dreaded..Baby V is not a cranky kid but he's moody,he can snap if things don't go his way(no paternity test required here). Would we be the helpless parents trying to pacify our child or would we be the savvy, self assured, comfortable parents who know what to do? But we did, n we survived(from the big rolling eyes).

Here's few things to keep in mind-
1- Priority- Take fights which suits your baby, because you don't want a cranky/shouting/irritating baby next to you... do you?
2- Always carry your baby stroller.....your baby may refuse to sit in that but you can keep your hands free ;)
3- Use the baby queue/line when you are travelling international.. they work more quickly.
4- Try to give important meal before the flight time.. that way you can entertain with small meals or snacks in between.
5- Most parents fear this. And rightly so, as the change in cabin pressure can cause earache which can be pretty annoying and scary for the little one. The best way to avoid it is to ensure that the baby is feeding during these two events. If your baby is breast-fed, hold out feeding him while the plane is taxiing because he may finish just before take off and defeats the purpose. In this case.. rub ears.
6- Pack some favourite toy/books.... this works best. Also, pack some new toy to surprise and distract the bored baby.
7- Update your phone/ipad with new game or videos. It's a life saver.

I am NO expert but this my personal view/experience. I am sure you would have plenty more to add to it, may be even i will have some more suggestion in future. I will be more than happy to receive suggestions in the comment box below.
Yes, the important part is having fun... if they are having fun why should we stop our self.!
Do you travel with your kids a lot? How do you manage them.. ?
Till next time ...
Hv fn Tk cr :)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Disco Deewane ;)

Disco Deewana... Did i visited a disc/pub lately?? No no this is not about any disco or pub its about Yes, because when my packet came... after seeing the pouch...i started singing disco deewane...aahaa..  ;)

I opted for 3 months subscription & this is my first month...Happy because it's their 1st Anniversary issue.
The best thing i liked, they don't use boxes and this cute polka-dot pouch is the highlight for me... let's see what i receive next month :)
Price : Rs 499/- per month
Rs 1099 for 3 months
Rs 1999 for 6 months
Annual : Rs 300 per month

What i had in my pouch ?
1- A super awesome compact hair brush with inbuilt mirror... very small/light and handy... perfect for my make-up pouch.
2- I am someone who love using neutral eye shadow colors.. so, this Naked Palette is perfect for me.
3- Lavender body lotion from The Nature's co. It's light, non-greasy and the smell is great...very fresh. It's a sample bottle.. so i can decide if i need a full bottle for myself or not..I am looking forward to try it... Did you ever tried it ??
4- Sally Hansen's Miracle Cure. This is the first time i am hearing about it, As the name suggest it's Miracle Cure for chipping-peeling nails..... Google search says it's a good product for your nails...i can't say so without using it.. yet i can use it as base coat or top coat.

Now i am looking forward for my another 2 more subscription .. It's good for them who want to try some new brands or rather like to try new things.. It's value for money.. I think the best is to subscribe for 3 months in which you can get different products...If u like it..u can subscribe for another few months more. There's also option for one, u can check accordingly.....By the way, what was in your Vellvette pouch this month ??
I have a one-time use coupon as welcome bonus. Anybody who want to book can mail and i can msg you the coupon code.
You can book your bag/pouch HERE

Sunday, 6 October 2013

InFB Photo-A-Day Challenge

 "What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce." Karl Lagerfed 

Like you all even i LOVE to take photos.
In case, you are wondering  what i am talking about than take a look at my Instagram account.
When i saw that Indian Fashion Bloggers was holding an Instagram Photo-A-Day Challenge for the month of October- i jumped in... how can i miss it ...sigh !

It's been 5 days since it started...still 26 more days to go...check out my daily doses of photo-fun for this challenge or better join it too.... it's never too late !

Check here the collage of my last 5 day Photo Challenge 

Till next time cr :)

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Happy Navratri !

It's a first day of Navratri. Clothes n accessories form an important part, however one thing that is most revered is the nine-day-fast. There are many who eat one meal at a day, some are only on fruits and liquids. So, while every body out there is talking about clothes, dandiya nights, puja ceremony.. I thought to talk about the Healthy Fast and yes indulge yourself lot more than just Satvik food.

1- People generally prefer eating dinner, try having lunch or an early dinner(sundowner)...that way you are giving your body enough time to digest the food.
2- The consumption of fluids must be increased. Options are fruit lassi, lassi, fruit smoothies. Have frozen yogurt instead of ice-cream, it provides instant glucose and keep body hydrated.
3- Consume lot of Vitamin-rich fresh fruits and Protein-rich milk products. Consume carbohydrate-rich sources, as they will support the exhaustive ratri raas of garba and dandiya.
4- Keep fried food away(i know it's impossible... because i love to eat sabudana vada). Try having baked tikki's/vada's with olive oil instead.
P.S  Some of the portion is taken from Delhi Times article.

This is what i wore to "Mata ka Jagrata" a day before(at my Hubby's aunt place). This jeorgette saree is self weaved in golden threads with beautiful paisley design.. It's light weight....perfect to carry without feeling loaded :) so, i wore a dull-gold sequins blouse with it. I kept the jewellery to minimal and completed the look with light make-up.

 I love wearing saree, though occasionally, red is our(Me n Mr. hubby) favourite colour :)

Saree- Banglore(one of my trousseau shopping)
Blouse- Got it made from local tailor
Bangles- lac( kolkata)
So, what are you eating /wearing this Navratri.... n what are your plans??? 
Till next time...
Hv fn...Tk cr :)

Friday, 4 October 2013

Running Errands !

Running Errands?...  Everyday!. So what we wear? Those yoga pants or jeans n tee n feel like trapped because we can't wear anything fancy. But, who said that.. We can wear anything while running errands.. only important thing is we need to be comfortable in what we wear.

I am a housewife & mother of a toddler... if i"ll be wearing my pj's whole day..i feel low(i know it's most comfortable piece of cloth on earth),i will sit on the couch whole day, though my baby won't let me ;). So, i choose to wear something comfortable rather than pj's.. i feel confident, energetic and specially i feel good :)

This is what i wore while grocery shopping, making lunch, running errands, and shopping with my friend the other day. I just loved the colours i am wearing turquoise green/blue+ coral. What your say about it?? What do you wear while running errands??

Ok.. Did i tell you i am making lot of healthy stuff these days... like onion fritters(pyaz bhajia).. ;)
Ya, you read it right.. just bake them instead of frying... brush the tray with little oil..spread the mixture & spray little more oil... Perfect n yummy.. Do try..n let me know :)

Dress/Tunic- W
Bag- youshine seen here & here
Neon bracelets- Globus
Shoes- G.K.Mkt.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Print on Print !

The general question these days to me are.. What are you blogging about?? Are you getting paid?? How do you manage toddler, home and a blog??
My replies are I blog about everything that comes across to my mind.. infact i have become more thoughtful these days..!
No, i am not getting paid for writing anything... this is just like a diary to me which i used to write when i was kid.
I hardly get tried of it...because i love what i do.. I love my baby, home and myself(read here blog). Yes, if any day i feel i am not able to manage any one of these... i would stop loving myself(read here blogging) and i won't crib about that..(there are many other things to do..and i an Opportunist. ;))

Wearing here is a dress which was worn here also.. difference is i styled it again in a different way. I love the floral part & the graphic tee.... and took a kashmiri wristlet to go with it :)

So, here's a same question again... What do you do with a piece of cloth which you like but you don't feel like wearing it... U discard or you come up with interesting way of wearing it ?? Would love to know.. Do drop your comments.. I love reading them :)

Dress- And(2011)
Tee- Bangkok
Wristlet- kashmir, gift
Shoe- Inc. 5

Till next time..
Hv fn.. Tk cr :)