Friday, 29 March 2013

Tits Bits abt me :)

-Have to have coffee(hot/cold) no matter what...but i still think how i lived during my pregnancy days..sigh
-I love holidays
-I love tradition no matter how modern i am ... ;)
-I check Facebook and Gmail a million times day.
-I love to post piks n update status on facebook.
-I dyed my hair blonde when i was in classX... n i guess i liked it.. no matter wat people says.
-When i need to clean wadrobe..i go more into the trial room then cleaning it ;)
-I can watch T.V soaps on regular basis.
-I have to have hug my hubby n baby atleast one time in a day.
-I am very artistic..Thousand of ideas in my mind...but getting them out is my problem...aah.
-I can eat french fries everyday...widout complaining ;)

-I love myself.......yes thts true..i am little mean.

would love to add some more abt me.... till then tk cr...hav fun :)

Happy me!

Hello ....
Its been long since i was thinking to write... to do something...being a mommy of a year n half old baby is tough..infact very tough..
Finally, i m the virtual world were i can share my thoughts, my, joy, sorrow, everything....from baby food to fashion ,from local food to 5 star cuisine....
IN 1 word evrything..

Love u All.