Monday, 30 September 2013

D-I-Y Alphabet Banner !

This is one of the easiest n beautiful D-I-Y i have done in these days.
1- Educational purpose for my 22+ month old toddler
2- Little decoration for his toy room
3- This can be altered in many ways- a- u can make 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' banner
                                                         b- u can add 'PHOTOGRAPHS', instead of alphabets
                                                         c- u can gift it to a toddler.
 Things required- A black chart paper(good quality)
                           2 chart papers in different shades(i used neon)
                           zigzag sciccors
                           punching machine
                           4 small pins
 1- Cut the required size with zigzag scissors
 2- Punch them
 3- Insert the ribbon(u can decide how much gap u want)
 4- Write alphabets neatly.& according the size of black chart paper
 5- Cut them
 6- Paste them with glue
 (U can draw little smileys or cute little drawings if u wish )
 7-Now arrange neatly and pin it on the sides of wall.
Check the pictures out :-

I know this is very simple D-I-Y , but still thought to share... any ideas regarding this paper banners are welcome...would love to read..
Till next time
Hv fn.. Tk cr :)

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