Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Colonial Hill Station !

October is just a week away.... & can feel the winter mist in air(i know winter is NO-were till november mid)...
It's been 7 months since i visited this colonial hill station, Kasauli. I loved that place...it was not busy..it was not touristy..yet it had everything we were looking for a 2 night stay.. Started our drive early morning....n through the Chandigarh highway we reached...by evening rain n fog thought to join us...The narrow roads slither up and down the hillside and it offer some magnificient views...The drive was very slow due to fog and we reached around dinner time to our rented colonial bunglow. We spended 1 n half day roaming around the place..watched beautiful sunset(one of the best till date)....and some unforgettable memories(Baby V's first hill station).
P.S-This post is picture heavy.. But trust me you will enjoy it ! :)

En route to our destination !

                                                 Just reached ! have worn these pants here also :)

                                                                     Lovely morning !

                                                             Always ready for click :)

Christ Church, Kasauli

                                              Towards sunset point... check the fog behind ;)


                                               We stayed here... I loved everything about it !

Hope u enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed sharing it :)
Till next time....
Hv fn.. tk cr :)

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  1. Nice views and your son is so cute.You guys make a lovely mother son duo :)

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  2. WOW..such gorgeous pics..i love the pink n grey combi u r wearing..!


    1. Thanks Aditi... even i loved that combo :)