Monday, 9 September 2013

Lost & Found !

There is a saying that a friend is there for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

How some people I thought I would forever be closely connected to have drifted so far out of my life that I know almost nothing about them.  That people I thought would be interested in me & my child’s lives just aren’t at all and how others that I barely know seem deeply interested in the well being of me and my family. This is all what i have started thinking lately.... about how life changes and how deeply a relationship evolves or evaporates.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the wonderful new relationships I have formed.  I have met women I didn’t realize could honestly exist.  I have met strong women who will cheer for other women.  Women who will congratulate you when you accomplish something you are proud of and those same women will wholeheartedly listen when you feel like your world is about to unravel.  I have met women who joke and laugh about one another but aren’t mean and nasty. These women are not of same age.... some are old granny's.... the other are mom of young grown up kids... few of my age even... they are for reason.... you are just blessed to be with them..

I have realized that the amount of time you know person doesn’t equal the amount of loyalty and love you get from that person.  If someone cares about you then they are never too busy to reach out, weeks turn to months that turn to years and then you don’t even know where to pick up from there.I have decided that if you aren’t present it’s not ok.  If you don’t make the effort eventually I won’t either.... they are like seasons...

I think it’s as I am getting older that I am realizing what I do and don’t have time for.  I used to feel hurt and slighted when I felt old connections weren’t reaching out or making efforts but now I feel more relieved.  I feel able to move on to positive. I make new friends.... eventually i don't forget the old ones who are stuck with's not easy to forget them...there are tears, followed by little sadness and sometimes just a deep feeling of loneliness..... but moving on is life.... one has to move on..either you have anybody on your sides or not.. life goes on.... still there would be one or two of them whom u don't see.. neither talk.. still u are connected.. when you meet/ seems a house on fire..... that's relation for lifetime.... Anyone of you experienced the same thing?? 

Till next time..
Tk cr.. Hv fn. :)

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