Monday, 23 September 2013

Random Talk :)

Life is getting monotonous... it seems i am drowning...with work, health, and with ideas..Nothing new happening...nor any travel plans yet....
But yes... something is approaching ... A week more n October starts... My Birthday month...People says What special??? You are getting a year more candle to your cake, a few more wrinkles and a year less to live... But that's OK with me..I am girl who had always bought  flower to herself(i won't mind if u wish to send me some flowers ;) )... and i don't complain about that :)
On another thought.. Baby V is keeping me on my usual..he's getting notorious day by day....
Weather getting better everyday..winter's approaching.. It's perfect time to read a book with coffee in your hand :)
These are my last year birthday pics.. Dinner at Dhaba @ The Claridges, Delhi with hubby n baby.

                                                                  He loves camera :)


  1. I am sure your life is not that monotonous with a toddler keeping you on your eyes and wooing you every time he smiles at you!
    Birthday months are always special.. Hope you have another fun year filled with lots of action! :P

    1. Thanks ! He's smile is to die for... but sometimes we need little break..
      Hope to see u here more in future:)

  2. cute photos! your baby is adorable!

  3. Very camera friendly baby, so cute!
    Lovely pics Dear!