Wednesday, 25 September 2013

10 Reasons to treat yourself with a New Perfume

1- Simply because you are awesome and you totally deserve it. You deserve to buy something new. Take a look at the mirror and feel 'wow' about yourself !

2- You can never have enough fragrances. Will you? Will you settle for a bottle or two?

3- A new fragrance is like new lover.. You will enjoy wearing it..You will want to can carry it along anywhere !

4- A new season, a new reason to buy fragrance..Just like you won't wear your summer dress in winter.. how can u wear a same fragrance all-year-round !

5- Emphasize your unique personality.. The type of perfume you choose to wear depends on your mood & nobody can wear same mood at a same time !

6- Scents seduce Men. It's a ultimate weapon of seduction, It will leave him breathless. Anyone who try to deny is either lying or nose-less ;) (same apply for women too)

7- It makes you feel elegant and glamourous both at the same time... simply spraying some heavenly scent !

8- A day without perfume.. Can you stay without spraying some?  Did i hear NO WAY?

9- It's little secret. It lifts your spirits instantly !

10- Just like your lust list for shoes,clothes, accessory or what ever.... there's always LUST list for perfume also. :)

So what are you wearing/ lusting these days.... Would like to hear...  :)


  1. hahaha good one ...
    we can find 100 reasons to buy new perfume ....even i luv em :)

  2. btw i bought Valentino Aqua florale -new one recently ...smell is good but does not stay for long
    Im lusting over escada cherry in the smells so good
    check it out

    1. I swear.. definitely we don't need reasons but me this Lacoste bottle is my 3rd bottle.. already gulped down two bottles ;) stays well all day.... Will definitely check escada cherry on my next visit to mall :)

    2. yes u did recommend me this lacoste one ...Im definitely going to buy that that u r saying it stays for long ,it is a bonus :)

    3. Just let me knw... if u liked it or not.. or may be i m just about it ..haha..;)