Friday, 13 September 2013

Discussion over Comparison ?

I wonder sometimes why do people compare other with the third person...or things with other things... it's such a AH feeling.. How it sounds when an old lady will compare your kid with her aunt/uncle or someone more older than her.... Gawd.. I hate it(i even don't know that person)... I don't like people comparing your height, weight,skin colours with others(i mean, grow up people)... Everybody is unique...everybody have their own personality...what ever it may b  .... I don't remember if any day my parents have compared me to my cousins or any of my friends(i know i am not best...but yes they are best Parents)....They always wanted best out of me but, yes, which parent doesn't want that......Discussion are different... Comparison is different..

Let's talk about clothes:- These pics were in my archive folder from long(i think almost a month)....# New pieces worn here.....Tropical printed top was a found in between many small corner at the side(was asking me to pick-me-up & i could not say NO...)& it has a lovely back(could not take a pic... may b next time). The pointed pumps was love at first site :) & the earrings were gift.

Posing with baby... I like to make faces ;)

Top- Benetton
Skirt- Marks & Spencer already seen here
Shoes- Charles & keith
Bag- Kazo already seen here & here

What do you think about Comparison?? Is it a healthy practise?? Do drop your comments below..would like to know :)
Till next time
Hv fn.. Tk cr :)

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