Saturday, 14 September 2013

Time is Running!

Honestly, if you would have asked me how fast time goes, when baby V was born, i would have said nothing, i rolled my eyes n stare up at u..n give u a blank look...being sleep deprived and an exhausted mummy...time was standing at it's pace. I tried to find time for myself..but i didn't get any..
Baby V is already 22 months old... 2 more months & we will be celebrating his 2nd birthday.... n definitely not a newborn baby now..Well he's still a baby..but not my super tiny more tiny-winy more rattles... (I m little emotional now)...My baby is growing up.... Can i Ask time to slow down???
Don't get me wrong... But still i would like to cuddle him in my to him for hours(definitely without getting disturbed from him)...but now he runs here n there....make faces(u know they can't sit still)...
I like how he views the world n react to it..I love seeing everyday how he learns something new... New words, new things, he imitates every possible way...The look on his face when he tries new food... he's already started making his choices...for toys-food-clothes n of course for people too...he's even started to pull out his own clothes.....How he gets excited when his daddy comes home from work... i love to see his dimples when he giggles..those puzzle look he gives at new toy... I mean I can't STOP here... The smile he gives when he sees me every morning after waking up...those-are-the-best !
Though i don't want him to grow up so quickly..... Still, I'm loving every moment !

Baby V if you will ever read this in future....i want to tell u one thing....... I LOVE YOU BABY! 

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