Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tasty Tongue in Surat !

        I love travelling..Yes, last weekend i traveled to new place... that means new people, different climate,change of language n the best part FOOD.
        Surat- Its an well developed metropolis of the Indian state of Gujrat, the food they like is besan (gram flour), garlic, sugar and chilli.... the combination excites me so does the taste...n the names also ;)

        My first stop was the Sasumaa Resturant for dinner which was nearby where i stayed and it served authentic gujrati unlimited thali (below Rs. 500 for 2). I loved it.. they have a sign language for every dish....the food was yum (lip-smacking, i couldn't even click a pic)... Total Value for Money.

        Second day we drove from one part of surat to another part named Varachha.....just for fafda and gathiya....Believe me... they will melt inside ur mouth in just a sec....and the cabbage+beetroot+kachi aam salad was too gud to wid tht.......Awesome Taste.Later on tht day i tried Dabeli...not to much talk about.

         Third day was kind of homestay... so driverji got Khaman, Khamni, Dal Pakori, Idhra, Khandvi from a road side stall near Bhatter area....who is there from last 25 yrs and famous as 'Kaka'. Khamni was best of all wid perfect amount of garlic, chili and sugar. Later in the evening we tried Locha, (as the name suggest it was full Locha :p) the same steam gram flour wid garlic,green chutney n sliced onion.
So, next time when u are in surat do try out these lip-smacking dishes....u won't regret eating it. :)

Till next time..
tk..cr.....hav fun :)

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