Monday, 1 April 2013

DIY Crochet Bangles

DIY Crochet Bangles are simple to the summer vacation r coming in ..this is one of those creative thing that u can show off to ur friends n family... ;)
Neon pink is in..Wear it as arm candy wid other golden or pastel shade bangles or wid bracelets.

You just need some old plastic or metal bangles that u bored off, crochet thread n needle.u can insert ghungroo, moti or any oher decorative item.

Important thing : U should knw how to use the crochet needle... :)

If any of u r trying it...let me knw hw it came n which style, colour u used.... wud love to knw

Till then tk cr...hav fun !!!!!


  1. You are very creative. BTW even I am a Libran :)

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