Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I need colourful SPRING in India !

Staying in a metro city sometimes is painful.. u don't have hills or beaches ....to go n unwind the beauty of nature...or those long n stretched roads where u can just walk wid trees on both sides....

The other day i was checking out the pics of one of my friend who visited Japan and witnessed the lovely cherry blossom season "Spring" dere..oh...its so beautiful n colourful...

In India Spring brings Holi -which is definitely a colourful festival... Tress in nature r beautiful to the eyes...its a beautiful season...Flower blooms in spring....flowers of various colours dance in the vernal wind...it carry us to smell of flowers n music of soil....but.. i still miss something.. :)

I m updating some pics frm google search from spring in japan

....enjoy nature...
tk cr...hav fun !!

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