Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunshine will always be there after shadow!

Sunshine will always be there after shadow. 

March.... I am all excited for this month...reasons..last year this very month i wrote my first post. Yes! It's been year..I never thought i would continue ..i didn't knew where to start with..what to write & what to do..but still i wanted to do something....i thought it as passing phase..which would over soon, but now it seems like never ending relation(though i can't promise about that). I am more than happy as it is growing..the love i am getting in form of comments & likes makes me double happy.
I have not planned anything yet ...about how am i going to celebrate it... (Ideas, suggestion are most welcomed).. but surely i am going to make it special.

As you all know i am going crazy these days in d-i-y' can see here & here Yes, designing for myself or you can say custom made... any word but single meaning...i love fabrics. I love to play with them(in sense of design).
They makes me go weak on my knees... but i love all makes me feel proud when somebody compliment & ask from where i got? I proudly says i have custom-made it & there instant reaction is, you should open up a boutique or a design house..& I am flattered!
Enjoy the pictures & do tell me know about the skirt. I was attracted to this fabric for its camouflage feel but the best part it stands out because of its color. Slight hi-low design on side.

Skirt- custom made
Top- Mango
Cape-custom made
Shoe- Charles & Keith

Till next time....
Hv fn.. tk cr :)


  1. Love ur outfit n congrats on ur anniversary..

    New Post Up

  2. love the pretty shoes , n congrats for the first year.
    Happy women's day

  3. Congrats on completing an year. Loved the outfit and skirt print. Can you please remove the security setting on your blog. For every comment we post it asks for code