Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Watermelon ice-lollies

Finally, summers are here and so are the juicy fruits.
Admit it when you read the word ice-lollies, you were instantly transported back to school, feeling nostalgic.....same here.! I remember, my mom made Rasna(instant drink mix) in all colors & weekend was the time when we had all colored & shaped ice-lollies with cousins. That was one great time...aah!
The history is repeating. But, now the Rasna will be replaced with fresh fruits & the cousins counting may go down by few numbers... yet the power of ice-lollies will stay in its place. ;)

My baby forced me to try this for him. While coming back from playschool everyday, he started demanding for ice-cream.... day or two is fine...but everyday... no MOM will allow.. so HOW can I.?
Now let me stop all the talking & share the quick recipe which won't take even 5 minutes..

Ingredients :-
Watermelon- roughly chopped(i even used the white part)
1/2 lemon juice or as per your taste
Rock/Black salt -2 pinch
Mint leaves- 10 leaves roughly torn out with hands
Chat Masala- optional

Method :-
Blend watermelon to juice. Sieve it twice.
Add rock salt, lemon juice & mint leaves
{*Just drink your watermelon lemonade :) }

Put in any container of your choice(i am using tupperware which has cover).
If you are using anything without cover, cover it with cling film or aluminium foil, put the stick in after its little set, so it can hold.
And let it set for few hours before you become a kid with your kiddo ;)
Just for more taste sprinkle little chat masala over it..

I have already checked my freezer several times in an hour...Impatient me! ;)
Till next time...
Hv fn..Tk cr :)


  1. wow this is so cool
    perfect for winter

  2. this is awesome! jst what i was looking for!