Thursday, 13 February 2014

V for Valentine, V for Venice!

Just few more minutes & it will be that day... "A day for love", "Lover's Day" .! But think again, Do you love each other on this day only? Are other 364 days doesn't matter to your love?? If that so.... What about all those who are heart-broken... Will they find someone till this day?? And on the last note what about all those who are singles?? Don't they love anybody.?? Why to restrict yourself for celebrations just for particular day.....

Anyways... lets not get into more details... Like everyone ....i also enjoy this day(who doesn't like extra pampering). So, when i thought of doing a post i really could not think more than pink & red... Red is color of love.I may not-be-a -die-heart-romantic type of girl.... but i like all the thing pink(just like all other normal girls).
So, these pictures are from the most romantic city on earth... Yes its, Venice!

It's a beautiful place to go atleast once in a lifetime.... that gondola ride in canal between those beautiful balconies is such a romantic feeling.....though the smell may disturb u (only if you have doggy nose like me)... but other than that....its beautiful... Sunset was the highlight of my day trip to Venice from Milan.

 The houses color were so bright & happy

 Pink & Heart goes so well ;)

 Jacket- Vero moda

 Trousers -benetton, White tee- Mango, Pink sweater- Puma
Neckpiece-gift, Boots- D&A

How many are you who were Red & Pink specially.... ??

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Till next time...
Hv fn... Tk cr :)


  1. Happy Valentines Day. Nice post and pics. Lovely outfit

  2. Awesome clicks, I love your top and you look very pretty.

  3. Nice post. Love the vero moda jacket.


  4. I was a red and pink valentine girl this time. Loved the pink color with the white. Valentines n Venice are just a perfect combo, I was there on my honeymoon in february- the valentine month so to say :)

  5. it's the best place ever for romantic trip! amazing pictures!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  6. U look lovely dear..

    Following u now..
    My recent one :

  7. Sorry dear..i left the wrong link

    My recent post was :

    Actually that's nt my friends blog..I m writing for number of ppl..that's why left the link...but Thank you soo much for following back n commenting. n hugs :*:*