Monday, 27 January 2014

7 ideas for your 7th Anniversary!

It's easy to share ideas but when one has to imply on their personal's little hard. Everyone have different situation, different style, different thoughts.... But, one thing is common....Everybody love their life, everybody want it to enjoy it, everybody loves celebrations, everybody loves gifts.
Just like everybody i am no different... I plan my birthday(yes i do it), hubby's birthday, anniversary & now our baby's birthday.. I love to show little extra affection on special days with planning surprises or decorating a small corner of the house(if not in large way).

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow. ~Author Unknown

My 7th Anniversary is around and this time i am little(read here totally) short of ideas....though i know i will enjoy it & somehow will make it special...!!

1- Renew your vows in a small, intimate way (the family have already seen it 7 yrs back) or better Recreate the proposal.
2- Do what both of you love. Take that one common thing & indulge in that.
3- Make travel Plans{easiest one;)}- to your dream destination, spa-destination, adventure-destination... or just relax at beach under those twinkling stars.
4- Plan a day outing- (what better way to stay together)- a not-too-far drive sunset & talk about "you & me-us" thing.!
5- Plan a stay-cation .....what better way to see your own city without the hassle of packing & travelling.
6- Gift each-other the bestest gift one can thing off (little indulges over special days...)
Last, but not the least-
7- If you have a baby (hopefully one if not two) think of some-one who can baby-sit them for few hours while you can spend sometime together in those fancy restuarants. Or, better rent a movie.. order your favorite food & get cosy under blanket! ;)

Use your imagination! Don't build expectations too high or you will focus on everything being perfect instead of just enjoying it. Create memories!


  1. cute ideas!! i liked the idea of recreating the vows!!

  2. there could have not been a better timing for me to read this ! I have my 9th coming up next month, and could actually use these tips ! thanks <3

  3. Nice post and some really nice ideas.