Sunday, 15 December 2013

CAPE Inspired by Nikhil Thampi!

This D-I-Y project is inspired by Designer Nikhil Thampi..  When i saw it for the first was like OH I WANT IT ...but yeah spending so much.. was like let it be.. !

I had this net white self design fabric in my 'box'(read here, extra fabrics.. or fabrics i buy n then they are not used).. which was 2 n half meter.. i took that n gave it for dye..
P:S  Red was the last option- I wanted it to be :-
     1- Royal Blue
     2- Fuchsia Pink
     3- Military Green
After all the confusion i settled for RED(my love for red will never end... U can see HERE n HERE). I got a cotton lining of same colour & gave to a local tailor to stitch it(not even a boutique).. After little hesitation if he could do or not i showed him the pic of what i was expecting with little changes here n there.... He took measurements n made sure that my fabric was in GOOD HANDS.
Fingers crossed for almost a week.

VOILA totally in love...It flattered my body.. The best critic (My Hubby), appreciated it... :)
So, i am actually on cloud 9.
Now.... It didn't costed me a bomb & i am overall happy with the finishing part also.  :)
Tell me what u think... Did i made right choice with the fabric.. Did my tailor did justice (i told u i was inspired & i am not copying his design ;)
Have a look at the pictures.. Is this cape totally worth??... Will you go n get it stitch for yourself??
I am just making sure that i have NO INTENTION TO HURT ANYBODY SENTIMENTS(especially the designer).

 Now, the cape is little longer than the original one. Styling here with simple blue denims & turtle neck. I want all the focus on cape so opted for a snakeskin printed wedges n kept jewellery to minimal.

Denims- Benetton
Turtle neck top- Biglife
Cape- Got it made from Local tailor
Wedges- Charles n Keith
Watch- Guess
Earings- Thailand


  1. its a lovely jacket!!

  2. hey sweetie
    it has come out really nice and looking good on u
    even i saw this jacket from Nikhil thampi
    n almost bought it ....but for the price i was like should i buy or not ....and cancelled it :)

    1. Same feeling here about the price... Ya fitted me very well... Thanks <3!