Sunday, 24 November 2013

Travel Look!

Awww... Thank you soo much everyone for showering love while i was away for vacation (ya this means lots of stories with pictures coming up soon ).

This is my second post(it's never too late to share) for this month and its related to travel clothes.
What do you wear while travelling? Is it some trendy clothes,which is your latest buy or your regular denim- t shirts..... or comfort matters you most ???
Whatever it is for you ...for me it has to be trendy yet comfortable.... so keeping this post short(lot of talks for next post....pakka)....& letting pictures to do all the talks.

First look- I kept it simple n relaxing look.... because there was a 7 hours halt... so..

Sweatshirt- Benetton
Denim- Benetton
Long coat- Vero moda
Boots- D&A
Belt- Westside

What u say about the relaxed look??

So while returning back... i was sad that holidays were going to over(sad face)... but happy that i have ticked one to-do- in my list... so with mixed feelings i mixed prints for the day..mixed polka + print +plaid.... what say ? 

Top- Van Huesen seen HERE
Denim- Benetton
Jacket- Woodland
Scarf- butterfly print- Travel buy-Pisa
Shoe- Bata
What do u say about mixing prints??
Till next time ..
Hv fn ...Tk cr :)

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