Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Tunis, North Africa

Located in the northern part of Africa, Tunisia is much far less travelled than Asia & Europe.This would be my first landing on the African continent. All thanks to our CRUISE which gave us a half day halt here(we took a 5 day long cruise from Barcelona to Italy).The day started windy n it drizzled a little & finally finished on a sunny note. The cruise docked on La Goulette port n took us around less than an hour to visit the city.

P.s It charged us for taking photographs[so all the pictures you are going to see is paid ;)] & mind it... it's a photo-heavy post. :D

Carthage :- It's not a single site but consists of numbers of sites:  The harbor, the Roman forum and the residential quarter from Punic times, Museum with Punic statues, The theatre, the Remains of Amphitheatre, Antonio baths. These were the largest baths in North Africa and Third largest in the Roman world. It incorporated outdoor pools, sun terrace, series of steps leading down to the Mediterranean Sea with normal cold, warm & hot rooms.
It's good for them who like history of Romans & do miles of walk.

Sidi Bou Said/Medina of Tunis :- It's a fabulous town which is situated on the Northern part of Tunis on top of the steep hill, dominating Mediterranean sea. The magnificent & glorious blue color doors & windows along with white walls wrapped in multicolored flowers with awesome fragrance around. The street is bordered with souvenir shops, cafes, art & craft stalls.This is truly magical area to explore. Little lanes were you can walk & get lost. I loved this place..It had some kind of magic(the plausible touts were little disapointment).

I hope you were taken into the different world & you enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it. I think half day was not enough to see the whole place...may be in future i may wish to go again but off-course for some good amount of time.

Tee- Van Huesen
Skirt- Marks & Spencer
Jacket- Woodland
Boots- D&A
Neckpiece- Youshine.in
Sunglasses- Vintage

Till next time...
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  1. wow wow...u lucky gal
    looks like pretty place

    1. Oh yes.... it was great place.....very different... Hope u visit sometime :)

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    1. Hey.... Thanks.. will surely check it out! :)

  3. This place Looks lovely n u look pretty great urself . Thanks for ur comment ! xoxo