Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tiramisu.. my way !!

Last weekend called for many celebration...

1.  crossed the pageviews much better than expected
2. Its 7 yrs years of knowing each other (read here my hubby) :)

Desserts always comes first when we think of celebration...same was i made this easy-to-make Tiramisu.. the famous italian dessert.... but my way.. this i have made many a times n is actually liked by all.... its eggless, its easy, its healthy..

Healthy Aata Cake
Block of Vanilla Icecream
Coffee Pwd

Mix coffee pwd (1 tbsp) with water (2 tbsp) for coffee syrup
Slice the aata cake in between for equal layers.
Cut it again to make long fingers for serving bowl /small square pieces for ice cream cups.
In a serving bowl/ ice cream cup  ....Put a layer of Aata cake soak with coffee syrup now gently spread ur vaniilla icecream.. repeat again the Aata cake, coffee syrup n ice cream layer....sprinkle generous amount of choco-chip.
Deep- fridge it for several hours before serving

Note:- U can even decorate it with coffee pwd, chocolate pwd.

It's an easy recipe... do try it... tell wat all recipes do u alter n give your own touch.. would like to know..
Till next time..
Hv fn.. tk cr :)

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