Friday, 28 June 2013

Expectation !!

“If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.” 
― Sylvia Plath

Is this possible?? How can we not expect anything from anybody??
It's human nature to expect .. !!

From the very 1st day of our life(when a mother come to know she is pregnant) when we are inside mother's womb(expected to grow properly, to kick)...expectation starts with this only..till we finish off our life..when we are pissed off we ask God if he gives us death early... we are expecting this from Him..then n then.. so expectation never ends ..everybody expect from each other.. parents from their children... expect to do good in studies, competitive classes, extra-curricular activities, in their job... n it goes on.....on on n on..!!    Husband expect from wife n wife too expect from his husband... expectation levels are different but they EXPECT something(or i would say many thing ;) ) from each other(wife expects gifts on b'day n anniversary whereas husband expect some peaceful time on holiday) ...same thing for every relationship... brother-sister, with in-laws, boss- employee, with colleague, with friends, relatives.....we expect them to phone call us, to come n meet us..n lets not laugh we also expect them to like our status n pictures on social networking sites... to do this n that n same thing is expected from us back.......we try to do what other expect us to do......n what if one fails for the expectation level of other.... Actual problem starts...they argue...they fight.. have ego problems....& they are disappointed..!!

Ahh.. too much...isn't it.. but you also agree..don't u..u also expect lot of things from other as other expect from  u too......i know....even u expect me to write/share something sensible :).. 
Anyways .... have a nice weekend
Till next time...
Hv fn... tk cr :)
                                         & don't EXPECT much :)


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    1. hi.. oh yes we do... thanks for stopping n commenting...
      sorry for the inconvenience..... i hope you got that now... :)