Saturday, 15 June 2013

Invisible Bond !!

                                                                                                                        pic courtesy-google

Hey... Did u ever feel any invisible bond when u meet someone for the very first time??  Did that any day happened to you?? I think it happens !! You just talk to each other, without any certain relationship, without any expectation..and u just become great friends... companion ... the sparks in the eyes shows..even in the fellow person.!! You want to meet again n again.. talk your heart out .... can spend the hours talking without knowing what the future holds..... this is the Invisible Bond.. which just happens..!

OK. lots of let's talk something sensible ;)
...actually i have made some great n awesome friends while while my evening walk ;) and then we became friends...may b we were destined for that.!! its easy to talk to stranger.. and once u have a baby.. i would say its too easy to talk to stranger ...did something like this ever happened with u... did u ever met a stranger n had that invisible bond??? Would like know write in..share ur experience...
Till next time....
Hv cr..  :)

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