Saturday, 31 August 2013

Back to School !

Those who raised their eyebrows while reading the head post... let me clear i m not joining/going to school..This post is all about the parent's confusion(or may b i am clearing my doubts) about sending their toddler to school(and yes a little surprise ootd for u all at last ;) )

What's the right age?-In my opinion, 2 to 2.5 years is the ideal age for kids to go to playschool. They learn to be more social, they would start talking atleast a little bit(n back home they can tell us what happened) and they can sit for sometime listening or playing with other kids of their age.
Of course, if parents are working and is taken care by non family members, I dont think they will enjoy staying at home nor will they develop socially or intellectually with a maid. In such a case even 18 months or 2 years is a good time for playschool. 
Many parents make the mistake of pushing their children to a playschool early and this something that should be avoided at all costs. Since playschool follow a system of routine, children might find it difficult to engage in the same things every day.
All rest depend upon the individual child n definitely parents know BEST about their kid .. :)

The school girl look ;)
In love with skirt

D-I-Y collar chain
 Top- already seen here
 Skirt- Globus
 Loafers- Metro(In love with them)...u can see them here &here

By the way...what do you think is the right age for playschool...
Till next time...
Hv fn.. tk cr :)

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