Sunday, 28 July 2013

Please Don't-call-me Supermom !!!

I am a (mostly) hustling, STAY-AT-HOME, prepare breakfast..give baby bath..send hubby to the household chore.. make laundry..go for grocery shopping..take baby to park..make dinner..Confused?? Are we just stay-at-home moms?? Aren't we career oriented?? But what.. a baby there n your life changes..we want to take that extra care n leave our career behind(esp nuclear family... those who stay with there in-laws still have option to leave behind there kid n go for work or do there job).. And those who do the both aren't supermoms....No one is..

I sometimes wake up early to do the household chore..but more often who cares about the home...wake-hubby-up-for-that-extra-personal-time-till-the-baby-is-asleep...I am not meal planning, i want to go out on date (of,course with my hubby).

I ran for 6 rounds in the park...four months ago(just for five days)... I never did a juice fast..but i want to do one..I eat chocolates n french fries without cribbing for fats.

I am sensory-toy-making, laptop babysitting(getting all ideas from internet), juice making, french fries/chocolate in the car so he will stop screaming ..n let me drive & do what i got to do.

But I'm not supermom, because that woman doesn't exist..atleast not all the time...even i want some peace in my ears..want to spend some time alone doing nothing at all..

Whether we DIY-ed a sensory toy for our kid or got him a new one from's a same thing..till they sit n play n let us do our work..All babies are alive and well entertained...n they grow up..Every individual house is taken care properly..nobody can stay in a messy home.. So instead of expecting each other to be individual supermoms why don't we just band together...and help each other instead of judging...That would be SUPER

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