Thursday, 18 July 2013

Motivation when i feel Low ..!

Hey everyone... going mad these days...handling & entertaining a 20+ month toddler is no child's play......n top of that..what if Mr. Hubby is too busy with his works(leaves early morning n comes late night :( ).. ..uff..and your household help takes leave for someday......what....YES u get irritated..frustrated...n off mood... this is what its happening with to take that frustration out... but writing all wrong n blah blah stuff fouls me more.... in order i took another turn n wrote out these move away from frustration n enjoy myself....

Go for a walk. Somehow, getting outside and moving around can totally change my mood and perspective. In evening i walk with my baby....but if that doesn't walk out i take a late night walk when Mr. Hubby comes in....Quite often when I come back  i feel light...i get the solution to my problems.... 

Write it out. Writing about what was on my mind helped get it off my chest. It doesn’t matter if you are a writer or not – just start scribbling whatever races through your mind, it doesn’t have to make sense.Take that dairy or letter pad out.... n scribble it..

Listen to music. Nothing turns my mood around like a little song and dance...when my baby plays his drums or any other musical instrument...instead of stopping him i dance..

Drink some water. Over the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with drinking water/instant lemonade/iced tea whenever I feel a little down or tired and have seen a huge shift in my energy level. Sometimes we are just dehydrated and our body needs a pick me up....This actually works..

Clean your Wardrobe (or any surface). The act of clearing out make your mind feel at ease. I like to clear off my centre table and then just sit there for a few minutes and take it all in.

Get out of the pyjamas. Dress better, feel better – it’s simple. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your mood is get up, get showered, and dress up for no reason at all. ;)

Make a Good List. If you actually take the time to recognize all the awesome-ness in your life it’s hard to feel down. Count them...whatever little u did for anyone...praise yourself n feel's really motivating. 

Make somebody Happy. Want to feel better, give a little. Who doesn’t feel better after giving few biscuits to people near Temple.... see them opening the packet n eat them, enjoy the good feeling..

Cry it out. Yes it works...this is not for every time...but once in a while you need to clean your heart by taking it all out... but not for a long time...just a sweet break of 15-20 minutes ;)

Give yourself a treat. This is a total band-aid solution, I’ll go buy myself a latte, or a cupcake....If this doesn't work..i just indulge on some shopping spree....but mind it..not always...  Just a little treat to get me going! 

U tell me what do you do??? How do u manage your foul mood??
Would like to hear from u also...leave ur comments below..
Hope this list works out for u also.  :)

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