Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I have to admit i am not a BIG jewellery/accessory person, till i came across 

It changed i am regular on their part is i shop when my baby sleeps in daytime ;) because they offer 25% discount (if u buy 5 pieces) from 10am - 4pm (monday-friday). What more one need to ask..!!

I loved the way they display it.. its user friendly and everything is organised..
The quality of products is very nice....and they are pocket friendly...(it will not hole your pocket)
The product (i even liked the name and description about their product :D ) is portrayed by a u can even check how it will look like.. size, colour...n every other little detail is given.

Packaging is perfect and it comes bubble wrapped in a cardboard box.
The site is customer can choose from many option for payment
For orders more than Rs. 500 u get some free GIFT (the best part :P)  
(no no i am not paid for writing this, trust me its one good site with quality product n pocket friendly)

Below are the products which i shopped from :)
Keep scrolling down

                                          This is no more on their site :(  But u can still check on their store .

                                                                       Free Gifts ;)

Hope u enjoyed going through it....from where do u buy your jewellery/accessory... do tell me..would love to know it :)
Till next time..
Hv cr.

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