Sunday, 26 May 2013

Little Fashionista !

Kid's fashion is growing day by day...Year's back when i was kid...i don't think my or your parents have gone to mall or purchased any high brands clothing...because there was no such concept like that.....nor do there was online shopping... Today, we are so brand conscious for our self that we didn't left any stone untouched for our babies also.. I am quite fascinated by online shopping...although whenever i go mall i definitely pick up something for my baby. :)

Online sites from which i shopped and found it good are :-

The brands which generally i pick because of there super comfortable material and designs are:-

Zara (i generally pick stuff when there's sale....super soft fabric n super styles)
United Colours of Benetton (smart lowers,plus points for winter wear)
Mom & Me
Giny N Jony
Lilliput (total value for money in sale)
Panda (I get it from reliance trends)

These are the places from where i generally shop...may even i missed 1-2 store or tell me from where do u get your kids shopping...would definitely like to know.....share it here..

Hope if u have not tried any of these brand try it..
Till next time
Hv cr 

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